Dedicated Project Manager

Your dedicated project manager works with your property management team through the software migration process.

You Should Expect More

The implementation project manager is an expert in all ResMan applications. Their goal is to intimately understand your business challenges and work to achieve your desired goals. During the implementation process, your personal project manager will develop and execute a plan for implementing your properties and ensure that you receive proper training for setup and configuration.

Problem Solvers

  • Your project manager will always provide high-quality support during your transition
  • Your project manager will identify areas in which our software can be used to better serve your needs


  • Your project manager will work to accurately represent your needs and communicate them to our internal teams
  • Your project manager will thoroughly document all interactions with you for easy reference

Subject matter experts

  • Your project manager maintains a working knowledge of all ResMan applications
  • If needed, your project manager will provide ongoing support and training to you via phone and email

Project Managers. Just for you.

If switching to a new software sounds intimidating or cumbersome, we’re here to let you know we’ve got you covered. When you switch to ResMan property management software, you will receive a dedicated implementation project manager who will guide you through our simplified nine-step process.

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ResMan's dedicated project manager outlining software implementation

Take a Load Off

Our nine-step implementation is designed to take the weight of your shoulders and place it on ours. The more information you can provide about your properties and goals, the less you have to do on your end. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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Quality Control

Your project manager will make sure your project details are well-documented and that an optimal solution is found. They will manage your project timeline and its deadlines to ensure your properties are properly configured, tested, and implemented in a timely manner. Additionally, they will create custom processes for you where needed.

Get Started

See what Coast Property Management says about ResMan Care

Coast Property Management of Seattle:

“Our transition to ResMan went great. We have an implementation manager, Colby, who has been just immensely helpful and he’s kind of like this hero on the other end of the phone to all of the people on our team”.

Matt Shaffer, CEO

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Dawn Waye

On January 21st, 2015, City Gate embarked on a new venture. Having used other national-known software, there were a lot of questions to answer prior to the decision. ResMan made the decision easy with a thorough demonstration of attributes and…

Dawn M. W. | President | City Gate Property Group


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