Affordable Compliance

Let ResMan’s Affordable Compliance Suite do the thinking for you. Improve compliance with affordable housing regulations and gain efficient accuracy as it pertains to Management Occupancy Reviews (MOR) and property audit preparation.

Key Features

Ensure regulatory compliance adherence for HUD and Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties. The Affordable Compliance Suite supports single program and a combination of programs with HUD, Tax Credits (including HOME and Bond) and much more.

Compliance Analytics Center

Intuitively view the most important compliance KPIs without the need to run various reports.

  • View compliance data at a property or portfolio level
  • Monitor and manage Recertification’s efforts up to 120 days in advance
  • Monitor next available and unit vacancy rule
  • View demographic snapshots to ensure adherence to tenant selection plans

Multiple Subsidy Support

Track funding from all sources no matter the income targeting or household characteristics requirements.

  • Customize and create unlimited programs
  • Enable HAP ledgers to track assistance payments and vouchers
  • Track all programs and reports via the Compliance Analytics Center
  • Stay compatible with all state agencies and TRACS

Certification Approval Workflow

ResMan Compliance Suite gives you the ability to customize approval workflows to meet your organization’s needs.

  • Choose your own workflow whether using a centralized compliance department or not
  • Set up email notifications when certifications are submitted through the workflow
  • Track certifications and monitor compliance issues intuitively
  • On one screen, access all data and documents needed to qualify a household

Affordable Waitlist with Lottery Functionality

Centrally manage your waitlist with our auto-positioning, lottery function, and more for your entire portfolio.

  • Quickly qualify and add applicants to the Affordable Waitlist
  • Determine auto-positioning by weighting income targets and preferences
  • Create and manage Lottery Pools of applicants to add to the Waitlist
  • Export the Waitlist into a MOR ready format without manual manipulation

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