Property Management – Made Beautiful!

We are having an exciting week at ResMan: Not only are we rolling out our new commercial offering, but we’re also unveiling a newly refreshed ResMan brand identity.  Our site’s vibrant new look was inspired by our community of customers who never stop improving. It’s a makeover a long time in the making, and a lot of love went into it. We hope it shows. 

Why a refresh?

About six months ago, we looked at our brand and realized that we weren’t conveying who we are or what we stand for. Our goal was to make everything that you interact with–from our product to this blog– more representative of who we are. But who are we? 

Our refreshed brand identity was designed to reflect our renewed mission – to help companies like yours better engage and connect with their community.  Where managers and investors are empowered to operate, market, and push their business forward.  Where technology and support are built by those, who understand the industry challenges. Where we can define the future of property management, not just react to it.  And We’re inspired by you to never to stop improving. ResMan aims to build a better property management experience together. 

We are evolving our logo, color palette, typography, and brand elements. 

We knew we wanted to capture the spirit of partnership throughout every aspect of our visuals. We partnered with BlueText, an award-winning brand agency, to create those details and couldn’t be happier with the results. 

Our logo remains the same, sans a tagline.  Yes, we’ve opted to exclude a tagline as we feel that taglines have diminished in importance.  Also, we’re moving to a more flexible brand strategy that allows us to communicate in a more personalized way with our audience – like you.  And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention our mascot ROI – the friendly chameleon.  We haven’t done away with him, as we intend to leverage him on select occasions.  

Once we updated our logo, we worked to extend that into a brand system—a collection of colors, shapes, fonts, and patterns that make everything feel like ResMan.  This included a broadening of our color palette to blue, navy, orange, and purple in varying degrees.  New, modern typography – Roboto.  And the creation of new ResMan® logo elements. These elements include a watermark, partnership element, and supporting patterns as visual aesthetics. Each one built from the negative space inside the iconic ResMan R. 

The New Brand Elements Look Great, But What About the Website?

We couldn’t refresh our brand without giving you a stunning new website –  Our new site features a clean white canvas, and we’ve added in pops of color with energetic images to create a vibrant site that represents the zeal we put into our collaboration with customers daily.

In other words, the new ResMan may be a lot more fun and colorful than the old ResMan, but we’re very intentional about how we use that color, so it never disrupts your focus. We’ve been inspired by you to build a modern brand together.