PropTalk: Trailblazers in Multifamily ft. Josh Heck

About the episode:

Josh Heck, SVP Sales, Chief Sales Officer of Anyone Home, sits down with Elizabeth Francisco to discuss why and how technology should be used within multifamily, as well as the ways it supports staff and revenue streams in the long run.

Josh Heck is the SVP Sales, Chief Sales Officer of Anyone Home. Previously, Josh has spent more than 15 years in the multifamily and property management industry with companies like Rainmaker, LRO, Entrata and American Utility Management (AUM). Josh brings a wealth of experience, providing strategic sales leadership to ensure Anyone Home achieves revenue and growth targets. His primary objective is to be a partner with Anyone Home leadership to help properties make the most of their centralization through CRM, Websites, and Contact Center.

About ResMan: ResMan delivers the property management industry’s most innovative technology platform, making property investments and operations more profitable and easier to manage. ResMan’s platform unlocks a new path to growth for property management companies that deliver consistent NOI improvement and brilliant resident experiences easier than ever before. To learn more about our platform, visit

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Onboarding a Property Management Software Just Got Easier

Getting up and running on a new property management system can seem like a daunting task. You know that you need to make a change, but you worry about the time and effort that it takes and that it will distract your team from doing their daily tasks. That’s why ResMan now offers two implementation options. 

Despite what your experience may have been with other providers, we’re here to tell you that you won’t get PTSD from implementing ResMan! Our process is straightforward and easy to follow whether you choose our Standard Implementation, where we do most of the heavy lifting, or Concierge Implementation where we take care of EVERYTHING! 


You will be assigned a dedicated Implementation Project Manager from the minute your contract is signed. They will work with you from start to finish, ensuring a successful implementation the entire way. In your kick-off call, they’ll help you identify the most important features to set up first before tailoring a plan to match your needs. Our team has created a proven project management approach to help give you a sense of expectations throughout the process.  


The project manager will follow a thoughtful and supportive approach to implementation with settings workshops, clear milestones and deadlines, email recaps, and providing weekly project status updates. If you choose the Concierge Implementation option, our team will handle all of the data export, migration and validation for you so your team can stay focused on operating properties and meeting financial obligations to investors. 

With concierge implementation, you’ll receive total transparency as we analyze current data and perform all extractions, including core property data, resident data, and more. 


This is where we do the fine tuning. Once the data from the past year has been migrated, we will work with you to adjust and reconfigure any settings and processes to guarantee the platform works exactly how you need it to work. Your Customer Advocacy Partner will slide in at this point and will be your primary contact for any questions or issues in the days before and for the 30 days following going live. 

As you prepare to go live, our training specialists will also educate your team on every aspect of the ResMan platform to make sure they know how to use ResMan in day-to-day operations.  

Standard vs. Concierge Implementation 

We highly encourage our new customers to take advantage of Concierge Implementation as it helps your team stay focused on business as usual as well as avoiding any delays with onboarding. With Concierge Implementation, data gathering and migration, and data validation shift from being the client’s responsibility to ResMan’s responsibility. This has been a time-saver for properties.  

onboarding resman
onboarding resman

It isn’t just implementation that ResMan makes easy. Our software is all about making work easier for everyone on the team – from site staff to back-office professionals and even Regionals and Executives. If you haven’t seen ResMan lately, book a demo today!