At ResMan, we’re proud to have a wealth of property management industry experience among our staff, because we know it allows us to better serve our clients and innovate our products. 

We caught up with Angi Pusateri Downey, our Vice President of Multifamily Business Development, to talk about her lifelong involvement in the multifamily industry and how ResMan is helping properties better manage their portfolios. 

Q. Tell us about your longstanding legacy in the property management industry. 

A.  I grew up in the apartment industry – literally! My dad, Anthony “Tony” Pusateri, started his career as property manager in the early 70’s. He worked his way through many corporate positions and companies throughout his career.  

As an advocate for the industry in he found a passion for education and legislation. He went on to become a Chairman of the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas (AAGD), NAA (National Apartment Association) Chairman of the Board and was one of the founding fathers of the NAA Education Institute (NAAEI). There, he helped create professional education programs and credentials including Certified Apartment Manager (CAM), Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS), as well as programs and events like the Leadership Lyceum. 

He was an Apartment Community Excellence (ACE) Award and NAA Hall of Fame recipient. Anyone who met my dad could see his passion for people and this industry. 

Growing up, I went to the office with him, helping with marketing and going property inspections with him. I spent my college summer breaks leasing apartments, so I learned every aspect of the business. I wanted an art degree and Dad let me go that route, but also insisted that I go to leasing school so I could always find a job no matter where I went. Eventually I got a job in DFW, progressing from leasing agent to assistant to manager to floating manager, and even to “troubleshooting stud bucket,” as I was called. I was that specialist who could use my creative side to solve problems and my analytical side for business strategy. 

Eventually Dad invested in a collection agency in 2004 and brought me on board as the National Sales Director for a third-party collection agency called RentDebt Automated Collections. During that time, I continued to volunteer in local and state associations like AAGD, AATC (Apartment Association of Tarrant County, Texas Apartment Association (TAA) and of course, NAA.  

Sadly, we lost him to brain cancer in 2011. Ten years later, though, so many people tell me their stories about working with or learning from him. His influence on many in the industry continues to reverberate. 

Q. How did you end up at ResMan and how does your team impact the industry? 

A.  When we sold our agency, I was looking for another opportunity to grow and learn.   Elizabeth Francisco, who was a client of ours and a friend of mine through the industry, always talked about working together, and the time had come and she brought me on board.  

I’m VP of Business Development at ResMan. I am a conduit between the sales, marketing and operations teams to meet the goals of the company. I’m a support system for those teams—coordinating their efforts and amplifying the branding of ResMan. I make sure our strategies are fully executed, maximize sales opportunities and do follow-up after trade shows. 

Q. How are you involved in the industry outside ResMan? 

A. Over the years, I’ve chaired or been a part of many committees. I’m currently the NAA National Supplier Council Chairman, which is the highest volunteer role at NAA for a Supplier Partner. I’m also a member of the Board of Directors for NAA for the NAA Education Institute (NAAEI) and the Florida Apartment Association APAC Committee.  

My designations include CAS – Certified Apartment Supplier, NAA Leadership Lyceum Graduate, AATC Supplier of the Year, 2009, and NAA NSC Chairman’s Award, 2017.  


Q.  What ResMan feature do you believe is a game changer for property managers? 

A. I was blessed to be a friend of Elizabeth’s before she started ResMan. As one of our collections clients, we were involved from the beginning. When I saw an overview tour of ResMan, I knew immediately that the Boardroom was a game changer for any property management company. The Boardroom dashboard not only keeps key pieces of information in front of owners, operators, property managers and onsite employees but it also allows them to keep an eye all the KPI’s that lead to revenue opportunities on a daily basis. No distractions, no excuses, just visual support for the end goal.  

They have to move people in and out and take care of the many details involved in that, which can become a distraction from core essentials like accounting, reporting, and maintenance. If these areas of the business aren’t tracked and monitored on a regular basis, the business can go sideways. It’s fantastic how it lets property managers change the widgets (modules) and panels to customize and match what their company does.  

It manages the tasks and details from a corporate level, allowing all properties in a portfolio to be seen and managed. It helps property managers stay true to the business and the resident so they can build a community, build respect, and have a network to run their business on. 

I’m also pretty amazed by the API that allows customers to customize their property management system. ResMan has a complete platform solution, but it’s also built to allow customers to access third party point solutions in areas where their business requires specialized capabilities. No matter how they configure their system, the Boardroom allows them to put all that in one box. 

Q. What do you love most about the industry?  

A. In this business you have to have a big heart. On the property management side, you’re dealing with people’s homes, which is private, personal and intimate. I’m a people person, so I take this responsibility very seriously, even if you’re talking about roaches or package delivery. It matters very much to them.   

From a business standpoint, the industry has allowed me to apply a diverse set of skills and capabilities. I’ve used my creative skills in marketing and as training director for new lease-ups and developments.   Not only did I grow up in the apartment industry, I found my husband, Kirk Downey, Advisor for SightPlan, here, too.  We have been able to share our passion for this industry together, helping people find the right products and services for their portfolios and making many lifelong friends along the way.  

Multifamily…It’s a perfect fit, and it’s family to me.