You may have heard the old proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This absolutely extends to the rental housing industry. Building connections with fellow property managers through the incredible network of apartment associations across the country is the best way to learn, grow and affect positive change in the industry. 

We could fill a book with all the associations available to you and reasons you should join them, but two of the largest organizations we highly encourage you to join are the National Apartment Association and the National Multifamily Housing Council. These two organizations do an incredible job supporting property owners and operators.  Getting involved with them is the best way for your organization to learn from peers, get out in front of challenges and influence policy that will ultimately impact your assets in one way or another. 

The National Apartment Association (NAA) 

Getting involved in the National Apartment Association (NAA) through your local affiliate chapter is the best way to network with peers, get support and training, and most of all, advocate for property managers. 

As a leader in the rental housing industry, the National Apartment Association (NAA) is an outstanding resource for advocacy, education and mitigating risk. Many cities and states across the country have affiliate chapters, offering a chance to connect with local industry professionals and stay informed of regulation changes and trends in the industry. 

NAA has a variety of educational programs on their website, and local affiliates provide webinars, meetings and other resources for things affecting your state or region. 

While they offer a variety of resources for property management professionals, one of the most impactful events they host is NAA Advocate. This annual event gives NAA members a chance to share key concerns in the rental housing industry with our elected officials. 

Letting your voice be heard on a national level is hugely important—particularly in a year when so many things have changed. During NAA Advocate, property managers and industry leaders meet to discuss a variety of topics and strategize how to communicate them to representatives. Having the NAA’s support and being surrounded by your peers as you work to affect change is unlike anything else, and property managers owe it to themselves to get involved. 

“Association involvement is so important for property management companies and suppliers. It gives us all education, networking and advocacy opportunities – to share best practices, and work together as an industry, rather than a bunch of individual companies. It has allowed me to meet, and network with some of our industries top executives.” 

– Angi Pusateri-Downey, VP of Business Development at Resman 

The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC)

The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) brings together leaders in the multifamily apartment industry. It provides both educational and advocacy opportunities that allow members to collaborate, network and work towards a better future for the industry and the communities they support.  

The NMHC is an incredible resource to review research and insights on apartment industry issues. This includes industry benchmarks, market trends and economic data. The NMHC also provides a weekly Rent Payment Tracker powered by ResMan and other property management solutions. As a leader in this initiative, ResMan has provided critical data to the NMHC regarding the industry’s financial health and the state of the apartment industry. Not only does the Rent Payment Tracker provide insight for industry professionals, but it has provided authoritative, consistent numbers to help guide policy discussions during the pandemic.   

Having this level of insight on a national level enables members to gain context around what’s happening in the industry and gauge their success alongside their peers and competitors. With a mass amount of up-to-date information at your fingertips, you can stay informed and be a better advocate for your industry. 

The NMHC hosts a variety of meetings, webinars and press conferences centered around industry changes, trends, advocacy on the national level and more. They also provide networking opportunities with fellow members, emerging leaders and strategic partners and suppliers. There are a variety of committees within the NMHC that you can get involved with to provide expertise, learn from others and affect change in the industry. 

Throughout the pandemic, the NMHC has put in a tremendous amount of effort in advocating for the industry. With the help of the data they collect, they can accurately measure the market sector and analyze which challenges their government affairs team should prioritize when working with legislators. 

By leveraging data from the NMHC Rent Payment Tracker, the council has been instrumental in securing $25 billion in rental assistance for back-owed rent. Their work isn’t over yet, though. With tools like the Rent Payment Tracker, the NMHC continues to be an effective policy partner, helping policy makers, financial regulators and the media understand our industry performance, current challenges and needs. The government affairs team has continued to advocate for your organization’s interest, which includes an additional $19 billion if the new stimulus bill passes in the Senate. 

As an industry, we’re stronger together. Getting involved in apartment associations like the NMHC and NAA doesn’t just benefit you—your expertise as a property manager is equally beneficial for these associations. Joining these associations allows you to provide feedback, opinions and personal experience as well as advocate for your industry on the federal level. These associations have accomplished an incredible amount, and they can accomplish even more with you as a member. 

Your peers in the industry have been working hard for you. Isn’t about time you joined them? Join NAA and NMHC today!