Affordable Housing Development: A Blueprint for Getting NIMBY Communities to Say “Yes” 

While NAA’s Apartmentalize conference isn’t known for delivering exceptional Affordable Housing content, the organization is trying to up its game in this area. Thursday’s session, “Affordable Ain’t All Bad. YIMBY From a Young Company’s Perspective!” presented by Karla Burck, EVP Development at KCG Companies and Kimberly Hurd, EVP, Property Management, KCG Residential, LLC, provided some great insights into how Affordable Housing developers can work with “NIMBY” (Not in My Back Yard) communities and gain support for desperately needed new affordable housing.  

During the session, Karla and Kimberly walked through two case studies – one in Anderson, SC and the second in Ellenwood, GA, sharing detailed information about the opposition they faced and how they were able to change minds and gain government, industry and community support for the projects. They talked about how it’s critical to understand constituents and what their concerns and priorities are and then work to address concerns and structure the project in a way that it addresses some of the communities’ priorities, so it becomes a win-win for everyone. Below we cover three types of constituents that KCG worked with and how they were able to move them from NIMBY to YIMBY. 


In the case of KCG’s Anderson, SC project, the local government knew they needed affordable housing in the city to attract more businesses but faced opposition from the community. The government also knew that they had an issue with the water system (a concern that was shared by the community) and desperately needed funding for improvements. The water system issue presented an opportunity to build alignment and make the project a win-win. 

For the Ellenwood, GA project, the local government was opposed to “Affordable Housing”, but at least one councilman understood that there was a need for apartments since the area had become unaffordable and many workers were being forced further and further out of town. A priority for the councilman and the local government in general was to bring medical offices to the community, something that KCG knew would be difficult to do without housing available nearby for those that would work in those offices. To get the councilman on board, KCG was able to show that many of the area workers (bus drivers, custodians, government employees, etc.) had salaries that were at or below 60% AMI and they would qualify to live in the planned affordable housing community. KCG also recommended that the councilman call the medical providers he was hoping to attract to the community to understand what was keeping them from coming. It turns out housing for their employees was a top concern. Getting that one councilman on board was a key turning point. 


As with most LIHTC projects, communities worry that when affordable housing comes to the community, it will bring murderers, thieves, rapists, child molesters, and poor people with problems that will burden the community. Property values will drop, schools will decline, and the community will be less safe. Quoting studies that disprove these concerns generally isn’t effective because constituents don’t believe those studies are relevant to their specific community. KCG focused on working directly with community leaders and influencers by being very open and transparent with them. They took them through the tenant selection plan so they understood the profile of someone who would qualify (and not qualify) to live in the community – income levels, criminal history, etc. They also compared salaries that qualified with salaries of workers that were already in the community so they could see that it was housing meant for them and not poor people from somewhere else.  

In Anderson, SC in particular, Section 8 housing experience shaped their perception of affordable housing, and KCG was able to demonstrate that Section 8 vouchers only accounted for 10% of tenants in communities that they managed. They also shared the requirements they put in place in the affordable properties they manage to ensure the grounds and buildings are well-maintained and consistent with what the community would expect. They talked about how they enforce policies and the consequences if tenants violate them.  

Beyond addressing concerns, KCG also went a step further to understand what needs the community had. In Anderson, SC, residents were concerned about the water system, and KCG allocated $1,000 per unit to improve the water system – funding that the water company desperately needed. In Ellenwood, GA, the community wanted restaurants. KCG brought in restaurant owners and operators to talk about what is needed to make a community a viable place to open a restaurant – number of households and housing for workers were key criteria.   


Perhaps those with the most at stake are those whose property borders the affordable housing community. KCG met with neighbors to understand their specific concerns and what they could feasibly do to address them. In the case of the Ellenwood, GA property, the neighbors hadn’t realized that the vacant land had been rezoned to be commercial, so it was helpful for them to understand that regardless they were going to have neighbors that were not single family residences. The neighbors were most concerned about preserving trees and minimizing traffic. KCG was able to preserve an area on the property where the trees would remain, and they agreed to put a gate at the second entrance that would only be accessible to emergency personnel. 

KCG believes that the approach they have taken in engaging the local government and community in dialog, aligning the project to deliver something those constituents want, and providing visibility and transparency into how tenants will be selected and how the property will be managed has been critical to gaining approval for the projects. They look forward to continuing to build affordable housing where it’s needed using this blueprint, and hope that others are able to do so as well. 

ResMan offers Affordable Housing Property Management and Compliance capabilities for HUD, LIHTC, and Rural Development properties. To learn more about our solution, visit  

PropTalk: The Entrepreneur’s Journey ft. Caren Maio

About the episode:

Elizabeth Francisco, Chief Experience Officer of Inhabit and Founder of ResMan sits down with President and Chief Strategy Officer at Moved, Caren Maio to discuss what being an entrepreneur has looked like for her, from success to imposter syndrome. Caren Maio is the President of Moved, the industry’s first automated onboarding platform for multifamily operators and new residents. She is also an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Camber Creek and the Co-Founder of Funnel Leasing (formerly Nestio). Caren is a PropTech thought leader and has been named one of the 15 Women to Watch in Tech by, won the Leading Entrepreneur award with Women in PropTech, and was selected as Mentor of the Year by MetaProp. Additionally, she is on the advisory board of New York University’s Female Founders Fellowship program. 

About ResMan: ResMan delivers the property management industry’s most innovative technology platform, making property investments and operations more profitable and easier to manage. ResMan’s platform unlocks a new path to growth for property management companies that deliver consistent NOI improvement and brilliant resident experiences easier than ever before. To learn more about our platform, visit

Watch it here:

ResMan Recaps NAA’s Apartmentalize 2022

Wow! We had such a fantastic week at NAA’s Apartmentalize 2022 in sunny San Diego. With over 11,000 vendors and attendees all together at the Convention Center downtown, the trade show was constantly buzzing. From content sessions to parties all the way to the trade show floor, NAA truly put on an incredible event. 

Top Gun Party 

Kicking off the fun-filled week, ResMan and Razz headed down the street to sponsor and welcome over 2,000 attendees to the Top Gun Party on top of the USS Midway (Our call sign? ResManiac!) For all those who have seen the most recent movie, this venue was an incredible sight to see. With entertainment from Tone Loc, our industry’s very own Toni Blake of Totally Toni, followed by Jeff Foxworthy’s hilarious routine, it truly was the kickoff of the year!  

The Booth and LIVE! PropTalk 

Thursday and Friday were filled with great traffic and booths all around! ResMan and Razz’s booth were met with enthusiastic customers and curious property management companies as we gave touch-screen demos for our Multifamily, Affordable, Investor Management and Website products. We had so many new features to show our customers and prospects, including our BudgetsPro tool, ResMan Utilities, Rural Housing and our new integrations with partners like AvidXChange and Nexus! 

We were also privileged to host our PropTalk podcast right at our booth with incredible guests such as Toni Blake from Totally Toni, Jaime Conde of Anyone Home, Mike Brown of InhabitIQ and Stephanie Puryear Helling of SPH Services. From operations to career paths in rental housing, these knowledgeable guests provided incredible thought leadership for those at the booth and for yet-to-be released episodes. Thank you to each of you for hopping on PropTalk with Elizabeth Francisco! 

Catamaran Tour with Razz Interactive 

apartmentalize 2022

On Thursday evening, our sister brand Razz Interactive set sail with an incredible group of our customers for a sunset cruise! It was a perfect evening of catching up with old friends and new, taking in the sights of San Diego Bay. Thank you to all who joined!  

Congratulations to Elizabeth Francisco and Earl Lacey of ResMan! 

This week, two of our very own at ResMan had the privilege of accepting awards from the National Apartment Association in recognition of their contributions to the industry. Chief Experience Officer of InhabitIQ and Co-founder of ResMan, Elizabeth Francisco, was recognized and received the National Supplier Council Achievement Award at the NAA Excellence Luncheon for her years of dedicated service to the National Supplier Council and the industry as a whole. Congratulations, Elizabeth! 

apartmentalize 2022

Earl Lacey, Customer Marketing Specialist at ResMan, was recognized and honored as one of the 20 in Their Twenties, which celebrates individuals who are under 30 years old as the best and brightest in the rental housing industry as well as the professional achievements and potential thus far in their career. Congratulations, Earl! We are so lucky to have such incredible rental housing advocates within the ResMan company. 

Closing Party for Apartmentalize 2022 

NAA closed down the Gaslamp Quarter district in San Diego and put on a block party to be remembered! The ResMan and Razz team had such a great time celebrating such a successful and fun trade show with dancing, drinks and yummy food offered throughout the district vendors and restaurants. We are so thankful to our team, customers, prospects and NAA for making Apartmentalize 2022 in San Diego one to remember! Can’t imagine how it’ll be topped next year. Until then, see you at next year’s Apartmentalize 2023! 

4 Ways Nexus AP Automation Software and ResMan Can Help Mitigate Inflation 

4 Ways Nexus AP Automation Software and ResMan Can Help Mitigate Inflation 

You may have heard that adding Nexus AP automation and payments software to your ResMan property management system can save AP teams lots of time capturing, coding, approving, and paying invoices. 

But eliminating manual workload isn’t the only benefit of integrating these two software platforms. 

Here are four ways Nexus AP automation software and ResMan can help multifamily companies mitigate inflation – which has hit 40-year highs and shows no signs of going away soon. 

1. Shrink overbudget spend – often by 15% 

By integrating Nexus and ResMan, AP teams can easily identify where properties are tracking compared to their forecasted spend – without ever opening Excel or bouncing back and forth between the two platforms. 

Budgets – and actuals – are synced from ResMan every night into the NexusPayables software. So, when an invoice arrives in NexusPayables (often fully coded and through electronic means), an AP manager can compare the invoice to budget and actuals for the line item, property, category, and GL code before they approve it for payment. Approved invoices (and their associated image) are synced to ResMan. 

Some companies even set up approval workflows to automatically route over-budget invoices to different approvers within NexusPayables. 

All this gives the AP team a near real-time view of the expenses incurred to date. From there, they can choose to: 

  • Hold back on spending to offset higher invoices 
  • Encourage property managers to adjust their spending 
  • Renegotiate their rates with suppliers and secure better pricing 
  • Change suppliers 

Some Nexus customers say that by having that data easily at their fingertips, they can reduce over-budget spend by 15% or more. 

2. Lessen Duplicate Purchasing  

With the Nexus/ResMan integration, property managers, maintenance teams, and others can generate an electronic purchase order – within NexusPayables – before they purchase goods and services. 

With a few clicks in NexusPayables, users can create an electronic PO and have it routed automatically to the appropriate approver(s) for their review. 

By requiring an electronic PO for purchases before the purchase, rather than after, AP teams can often reduce duplicate purchasing because they can: 

  • See spend from previous years  
  • Track what they’re ordering and compare it to what has been ordered already 

This is particularly true for office supplies, which can get out of hand easily. In fact, some Nexus customers report the online electronic PO system allows them to save 30% on office supplies alone. 

3. Lower procurement costs by centralizing procurement – often saving as much as 15% 

ResMan clients can incorporate all their national and specialized supply catalogs directly into their NexusPayables platform for trackable and centralized ordering (often requiring an e-PO).  

ResMan customers using Nexus can easily embed their procurement catalogs within the Nexus platform for easy, compliant, and trackable ordering. 

They can require maintenance, property managers, and other users to order from these catalogs – which often reflect specialized pricing that’s been previously negotiated. In fact, some Nexus customers say they’ve reduced prices 10-15% off retail, using their embedded online catalogs. 

They also gain more control by restricting purchasing to approved brands and SKUs.  

4. Bring down costs associated with issuing supplier payments by 40% 

By adding on NexusPayments functionality, ResMan clients can eliminate about 40% of the costs associated with issuing vendor payments. With just clicks, they’ll manage every step of the payment process online, no matter how many vendors they have or bank accounts they use. 

ResMan clients simply generate a file of approved invoices in ResMan and send it electronically to Nexus. Designated approvers – which can include the controller, CFO, or others – review the transactions an approve or reject them for immediate payment. From there, Nexus debits the designated bank accounts and pays vendors directly from those accounts. 

Nexus will issue a Nexus Virtual Card, ACH, or outsourced check, based on client and suppliers’ preferences.  

Many clients find they can eliminate paper checks the moment they launch NexusPayments because so many suppliers trust the Nexus Virtual Card for payment. This, in turn, slashes payments costs by about 40% because there’s no longer a need to purchase check stock, postage, toner, or printers. 

Since so many suppliers accept and trust Nexus Virtual Cards, many customers can stop writing checks on Day One of using NexusPayments. 

Integrate ResMan and Nexus Easily 

At a time when every penny counts, automating invoice processing and payments with Nexus and ResMan make more sense than ever. AP teams will save time, reduce their workload, and even lower their hard costs. And, thanks to the seamless – and longtime – integration between Nexus and ResMan, all these benefits are available without any heavy lift by your teams.  

Both ResMan and Nexus will be at NAA Apartmentalize 2022, June 22nd-24th in San Diego! Let us show you how we can work best for you.

Why Rural Development Housing is Made Easy with the Right Software 

The Affordable housing industry is one with a lot of guidelines. From compliance to daily operations, keeping organized for electronic data submissions is key to the success of affordable properties. Plenty of properties have been using software to better streamline their processes and help eliminate risk associated with compliance. Software can take a huge burden off owner/operators, helping them ensure they are compliant, avoiding violations, costly fines, and potentially even greater consequences.   

Having the right affordable housing solution in place will bring some sort of return to your business. Whatever you are paying for in a software should ultimately result in additional value coming back to your properties and operations – more time, more revenue, less cost, etc. But not all affordable solutions do this, so it’s important to consider your options carefully. Below are some points to consider. 

Your software should support your entire Affordable portfolio. 

Many owners and operators have a mix of different affordable property types – some HUD, some Tax Credit, maybe a few rural and often some properties with layered programs. Each program type has different requirements and regulations, and not all affordable housing software supports all types of programs. As a result, many property management companies find they need multiple different systems to manage their portfolio. Does having multiple systems make operations more complicated than it should be? Wouldn’t it be easier if one system supported all the affordable property types with a company’s portfolio?  

Your software should support the way you operate. 

One of the keys to ensuring you are getting value for your software is to make sure it works for the way your business operates. For organizations with smaller (often Rural Development) properties, it might not make sense to have staff handling the site level tasks. Yet many software solutions are designed assuming that most tasks take place at the property level rather than from a central location. Organizations like this should look for software that can easily separate and organize properties how they need it to be separated. Group your rural housing properties in to one view? This is important. Separate properties based on regional managers overseeing it? Shouldn’t be a problem. The software should ultimately be able to keep you organized and efficient and if it isn’t, you’re not getting enough from your supplier.  

Your software should be easy to use. 

For software to deliver value, it needs to make jobs easier, not harder. If your frontline managers are telling you that software takes a long time to learn or isn’t intuitive to navigate or is hard for them to use, that’s a sign that you aren’t getting the value you should expect. Getting where you need to in the system shouldn’t have to be several clicks and open tabs. It should only have to be a few clicks at most to find what you need.  

Software should also have customization options so your teams can make the most out of their use. Having a customizable dashboard where users can see the valuable information while logging quick actions makes for more efficient operations. When it is easy to use, it is easy to train others to use it, too, meaning you do not have to spend extra time getting employees onboarded, especially in a high turnover industry. 

Your software should make the recertification process smoother.  

Certifications and recertifications are often the most tedious parts of Affordable housing operations- especially when you’re doing this without a great software. And if you have rural properties, handling MINC submissions for every particular property can be a lot. If you’ve considered a software that will help you group properties according to type, you can also find a software that will let you submit recertifications all at one time for the types of Affordable properties you own. No need to do one rural property at a time, just do them all at once! That’s how a software should be, making your operations easier. 

Your software should be browser-agnostic. 

As we like to say, software should be plug and play! Software shouldn’t need to change much of what you’re already using but should simply come on board to make life easier. If your software requires you to be on one kind of browser or one kind of device, it’s disrupting current processes and familiar operating systems for your employees in the long run. 

ResMan is excited to offer Rural Housing compliance management capabilities as part of our affordable housing software solution. Just like our HUD, Tax Credit and layered program features, these rural development capabilities are seamlessly integrated with our comprehensive property management platform that includes screening, waitlist management, online leasing, tenant management, maintenance, accounting, and of course our Compliance Center dashboard! To learn more about what we are offering within one platform for you and your properties, book a demo so we can walk you through it!  

PropTalk: LIVE! From ResMania Cocktails & Compliance Episode 5 ft. Jenny DeSilva and Stacy Day

ResMan’s Affordable Compliance experts, Rue Fox and Janel Ganim, are coming to you live from ResMania 2022! We served ResMan Blue Margaritas to our audience so this is most certainly a fun episode. Joined by Tax Credit expert, Stacy Day of Karen Graham Consulting and HUD expert, Jenny DeSilva of DeSilva Housing Group, hear everything from updates about TRACS 203-A, the importance of electronic signature adoption, why software can give you a lift and more on today’s episode! 

About ResMan: ResMan delivers the property management industry’s most innovative technology platform, making property investments and operations more profitable and easier to manage. ResMan’s platform unlocks a new path to growth for property management companies that deliver consistent NOI improvement and brilliant resident experiences easier than ever before. To learn more about our platform, visit

PropTalk: Trailblazers in Multifamily ft. Dawn Waye

About the episode:

Elizabeth Francisco sits down with Multifamily trailblazer, Dawn Waye, to share more about what being a successful owner/operator looks like and how leadership impacts the trajectory of a company. Dawn Waye founded City Gate in 2014 with a vision built upon her passion for marketing, training, asset management, business development and the operation of all asset types and classes. Dawn’s 20+ years in the industry have taken her from Rhode Island to Florida and finally to Texas. Prior to founding City Gate, Dawn served as VP of Operations for Knightvest Management and as Investment Manager for Pinnacle Property Management Services. Dawn holds broker licenses in Texas, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island as well as a CPM Designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management. As a leader in the industry, she provides clients, vendors, and residents with a voice at the local, state, and national level through legislative advocacy. Connect with Dawn here:

About ResMan: ResMan delivers the property management industry’s most innovative technology platform, making property investments and operations more profitable and easier to manage. ResMan’s platform unlocks a new path to growth for property management companies that deliver consistent NOI improvement and brilliant resident experiences easier than ever before. To learn more about our platform, visit

Watch it here:

ResMania 2022 Recap

Wow! What an incredible week we all had at ResMania 2022. When ResMania was first being discussed, we really wanted a user conference that would show our continued dedication to growing with our customers because we truly believe we win together. Our customers blew us away with the response. After over 400 tickets were purchased, we had officially sold out of our first-ever user conference at ResMan. From the parties to the Keynote speakers all the way to our first-ever LIVE! Cocktails & Compliance podcast, the 3-day event was a blast from beginning to end and we could not be more thankful to our customers and our sponsors for making all of it happen. 

Opening Night Party  

We kicked off the conference with an incredible party at the Renaissance Plano Legacy West hotel, put on by one of our incredible sponsors, Nexus! Guests were met with a photo opportunity with some of the  “Greats” before heading into some live music, cocktails and yummy treats. Cocktails of the hour? 

Sponsor cocktail: Rick Flair 

Host cocktail: Resman Roi, regularly known as a Caipirinha.  

Tuesday Sessions 

The sessions started with our very own CEO, Michael Dunn introducing ResMan’s vision for 2022 and beyond. We followed with a thought-provoking panel discussion with Lori Krull (Weller), Jim Rostel (Anchor NW Property Group), Mike Ballard (Ascent Multifamily Accounting), Todd Ketler (Anyone Home): Does yesterday’s business model work in today’s environment?  After we were joined by one of our Keynote sessions presented by ResMania’s lead sponsor AvidXchange and their VP of Buyer Growth, Brian Thayer, who shared the top 5 trends in Real Estate for AP. Our ResMan team also shared our Product Highlight Reel & Roadmap for our software and customers were able to better understand and get excited for what’s ahead. 

Attendees were then able to breakout into one of four rooms, each hosting sessions particular to their roles and operations at properties. Executive, Affordable, Marketing and Product Deep Dive sessions went on into the afternoon, including our first-ever LIVE! Cocktails & Compliance podcast episode to finish off the breakouts.  

We wrapped up the day with an incredible Keynote from the SVP of Government Affairs at NMHC, Cindy Chetti and her team discussing what is currently happening in Washington for rental housing and how we all can get involved from a local to national level to create a better future for properties and their residents. What an incredible day of content! 

ROI Bar  

The ROI Bar was a huge customer favorite! In addition to featuring a larger-than-life cutout of our unofficial chameleon mascot, ROI, the bar provided a great opportunity for customers to ask questions and get hands-on experience with some of the newer features highlighted during our product sessions. And for those customers that thought they were in the “Lizard Lounge,” we want to let you know that ROI forgives you for confusing him with an unrelated and far inferior species!  

resmania recap

Sambuca Party and Customer Awards 

Time to roll out the red carpet and have some more fun! Everyone headed down the street to Sambuca for an incredible night filled with delicious food and drinks, Conga lines, photo booths and, of course, live music from the Big Daddy cover band.  

We were so excited to also present some well-deserved awards to our incredible customers who are truly the reason why we created ResMan in the first place. Congratulations to each of you and thank you for growing together with us. Here is the list of award winners: 

Grow Together Award 

GVA Property Management 

Weller Management 

Fairmont Management Company 

Runs on Resman Award 

Allied Orion Group 

Q10 Advisors 

HLC Equity 

Social Champion of the Year Award 

PLK Communities 

Resident Experience Transformation 


OG Customer Award 

Apartment Dynamics 


We could not be more thrilled with the turn out and success of ResMania 2022 and want to thank our sponsors again for making this incredible week happen. For those who missed it, we will be hosting a webinar June 7th to share more about what is next for ResMan as well as highlighting some of the content we shared at ResMania. You can register here.

We are closing in on a date for #ResMania2023 so if you missed this year or couldn’t get tickets in time, be sure to grab them fast this year. More details to come. 

Thank you again to our wonderful sponsors for ResMania. We couldn’t have done it without you all! 

ResMan Opens Inaugural User Conference, ResMania, Where Growth Is the Main Event

PLANO, Texas, May 10, 2022ResMan®, a leading property management SaaS platform provider, opens its inaugural ResMania user conference at the Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West today. Almost 400 ResMan customers, partners and industry experts will gather for two days to discuss the state of the multifamily industry and share best practices for marketing, property operations, affordable compliance, resident engagement, and investor management. The conference also offers opportunities for hands-on product training and to test-drive new ResMan capabilities.  

“ResMan’s first every user conference has been more than two years in the making, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally bring our customers together in person!” said Michael Dunn, CEO of ResMan. “At ResMania, growth is the main event, so we look forward to sharing insights and best practices that will help all the multifamily and affordable property management companies in attendance drive efficiencies, increase NOI and maximize asset value.” 

The conference agenda is packed with 24 sessions delivered by 42 different presenters and panelists. Sessions presented by industry experts include:  

  • * Knowledge is Power: How Rental Housing is Impacted by What Happens in Washington presented by Cindy Chetti (NMHC’s SVP of Government Affairs), Kevin Donnelley (NMHC’s Vice President, Government Affairs, Technology and Strategic Initiatives), and Matthew Berger (NMHC’s Vice President, Tax, Student Housing).  
  • * Practicing Policies: Legislative Updates that Impact Affordable Housing presented by Larry Keys, NAHMA’s Director of Government Affairs. 
  • * Tracking the Shifting Currents Below the Multifamily Surface presented by Jordan Brooks, Senior Market Analyst with ALN Apartment Data. 
  • * Focusing on Customer Experience to Drive Marketing Results presented by Stephanie Puryear Helling who leads SPH Services. 

ResMan customers will also be driving much of the conference content in the sessions: 

  • * Does yesterday’s business model work in today’s environment? which features Lori Krull (Weller Management) and Jim Rostel (Anchor NW Property Group) 
  • * Rehab & Construction in the Era of Labor Shortages, Choked Supply Chains, & Rising Construction Costs, which features Kim Radaker Bays (Exponential Property Group) and Greg Nelson (Centra Partners).  
  • * ESG: How Policies Impact Your Investments and Keep Your Company Competitive which features Mary Gwyn (Apartment Dynamics), Kelli Overton Dowdney (Indio Management), and Wendy Rae Walker (TAM Residential).  
  • * Navigating Through Today’s Marketing, which features Julie Ellison (Greystar), Jessica Dinin (Weller Management) and Angela Aguilar (ResProp Management).  

The conference will also mark the first-ever live recording of ResMan’s PropTalk Cocktails & Compliance podcast, as hosts Janel Ganim and Rue Fox are joined by HUD and Tax Credit compliance experts, Jenny DeSilva of DeSilva Housing Group and Stacy Day of Karen A Graham Consulting. 

No user conference would be complete without a product keynote. At ResMania, Janel Ganim, ResMan’s SVP of Product & Operations, and Nick Olsen, ResMan’s CTO, will showcase the company’s new capabilities, set to debut this spring, including: 

  • BudgetsPro – Everything needed to create, review, revise, publish and reforecast budgets entirely within the ResMan platform 
  • ReportsPro – The next generation in reporting, offering customers an easy way to customize reports to meet their specific business needs 
  • Rural Housing – Manage all Rural Housing eligibility, certification and monthly reporting within the ResMan platform 
  • Integration with AvidXchange – This new API offers a more efficient accounts payable (AP) process and the option to make secure payments via the AvidPay Network 
  • Other major enhancements to existing Multifamily, Affordable, and Investor Management solutions, including:  
  • Support of Move Out Reconciliations for cancelled and denied applicants 
  • Automated retroactive adjustments for Tax Credit properties when needed  
  • Addition of sort and export capabilities to the compliance certifications landing page 
  • Enhanced Investor Deal Room to support distributions via ACH and to allow integration with third-party tools such as CRMs and bookkeeping software via Zapier  

ResMania comes on the heels of the relaunch of Razz as a standalone brand serving the website, marketing, and branding needs of large, top-tier multifamily property management companies. Razz will showcase its capabilities at a sponsor kiosk and also serve as the sponsor for the ResMania Marketing Track. More information about the Razz relaunch can be found on the Razz website

The premiere of ResMania is due in large part to tremendous support from partners, with sponsorships selling out well in advance of the event. Twenty-four sponsors will participate in sessions, host parties and networking opportunities, support conference operations, and/or share their solutions at kiosks throughout networking area.  

For more details about ResMania and to view the full conference agenda, please visit the conference website. To participate in ResMania festivities remotely, follow the hashtag #ResMania2022 on Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Award-Winning Razz Interactive is Back!

Razz is re-launching back into the market at this week’s AIM Conference 

April 25, 2022, Huntington Beach, CA – Today, at the Apartment Innovation & Marketing (AIM) Conference, Razz Interactive makes its official return to the market as a standalone brand serving the website, marketing, and branding needs of large, top-tier multifamily property management companies. With integrations to all the leading property management software solutions such as ResMan, RealPage, and many more; property managers can be confident that their websites will be fully integrated, lead to lease. Read the full press release here.

About Razz Interactive:

Founded in 2012, Razz Interactive, an award-winning digital agency, quickly made a name for itself in the multifamily industry by providing a unique perspective on marketing with well-designed and easily customizable websites and branding for properties. Razz launched thousands of digital experiences and innovative products that fueled growth for progressive companies like Universal Music, Greystar, Sprint, Wood Partners, The Dinerstein Companies, AT&T, Pepsi, and more. In late 2019, Razz was acquired by ResMan®, a leading property management SaaS platform provider. The Razz content management system (CMS) powers ResMan Websites and today ResMan is relaunching Razz as a standalone brand to focus on large, fast-growing property management companies. 

More information on Razz can be found at