ResMan Recaps NAA’s Apartmentalize 2022

Wow! We had such a fantastic week at NAA’s Apartmentalize 2022 in sunny San Diego. With over 11,000 vendors and attendees all together at the Convention Center downtown, the trade show was constantly buzzing. From content sessions to parties all the way to the trade show floor, NAA truly put on an incredible event. 

Top Gun Party 

Kicking off the fun-filled week, ResMan and Razz headed down the street to sponsor and welcome over 2,000 attendees to the Top Gun Party on top of the USS Midway (Our call sign? ResManiac!) For all those who have seen the most recent movie, this venue was an incredible sight to see. With entertainment from Tone Loc, our industry’s very own Toni Blake of Totally Toni, followed by Jeff Foxworthy’s hilarious routine, it truly was the kickoff of the year!  

The Booth and LIVE! PropTalk 

Thursday and Friday were filled with great traffic and booths all around! ResMan and Razz’s booth were met with enthusiastic customers and curious property management companies as we gave touch-screen demos for our Multifamily, Affordable, Investor Management and Website products. We had so many new features to show our customers and prospects, including our BudgetsPro tool, ResMan Utilities, Rural Housing and our new integrations with partners like AvidXChange and Nexus! 

We were also privileged to host our PropTalk podcast right at our booth with incredible guests such as Toni Blake from Totally Toni, Jaime Conde of Anyone Home, Mike Brown of InhabitIQ and Stephanie Puryear Helling of SPH Services. From operations to career paths in rental housing, these knowledgeable guests provided incredible thought leadership for those at the booth and for yet-to-be released episodes. Thank you to each of you for hopping on PropTalk with Elizabeth Francisco! 

Catamaran Tour with Razz Interactive 

apartmentalize 2022

On Thursday evening, our sister brand Razz Interactive set sail with an incredible group of our customers for a sunset cruise! It was a perfect evening of catching up with old friends and new, taking in the sights of San Diego Bay. Thank you to all who joined!  

Congratulations to Elizabeth Francisco and Earl Lacey of ResMan! 

This week, two of our very own at ResMan had the privilege of accepting awards from the National Apartment Association in recognition of their contributions to the industry. Chief Experience Officer of InhabitIQ and Co-founder of ResMan, Elizabeth Francisco, was recognized and received the National Supplier Council Achievement Award at the NAA Excellence Luncheon for her years of dedicated service to the National Supplier Council and the industry as a whole. Congratulations, Elizabeth! 

apartmentalize 2022

Earl Lacey, Customer Marketing Specialist at ResMan, was recognized and honored as one of the 20 in Their Twenties, which celebrates individuals who are under 30 years old as the best and brightest in the rental housing industry as well as the professional achievements and potential thus far in their career. Congratulations, Earl! We are so lucky to have such incredible rental housing advocates within the ResMan company. 

Closing Party for Apartmentalize 2022 

NAA closed down the Gaslamp Quarter district in San Diego and put on a block party to be remembered! The ResMan and Razz team had such a great time celebrating such a successful and fun trade show with dancing, drinks and yummy food offered throughout the district vendors and restaurants. We are so thankful to our team, customers, prospects and NAA for making Apartmentalize 2022 in San Diego one to remember! Can’t imagine how it’ll be topped next year. Until then, see you at next year’s Apartmentalize 2023! 

ResMan Gets Ready for NAA Advocate 2022

On March 8-9th, 2022, the National Apartment Association (NAA) will be hosting their annual NAA Advocate conference, which gives members of NAA a chance to vocalize key issues within property management and the rental housing industry with legislators.  

When we started ResMan, I wanted to make sure that everyone in our company understood that we are part of the housing industry, what impacts our customers, their investors and their renters impacts us as well. As part of doing our part, ResMan team members will be joining other NAA members throughout the country in meeting with their Congressmen and women to address rental housing concerns where legislation could be of help.  

Conversations will be focused around the fourteen key issues that NAA lists on their website. This affords members and frontline workers to share their story at the national level to better advocate for themselves and their residents on both micro and macro levels.   

The conference features keynote speakers, Q and A sessions, educational discussions on emerging policy issues and a briefing on what to address during visits with Congress.  

To better understand priorities for Advocate 2022, we sat down with Jason Simon, Director of Government Affairs at the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas. In our discussion with Jason, we found 3 key issues stood out for members and others in the property management industry. We’ve listed some details so you can better prepare for your conversations. 


The “Yes In My Back Yard” Act legislation would remove barriers to housing development and help address the nation’s housing affordability crisis. Specifically, it would encourage localities to eliminate discriminatory land use policies and remove barriers that prevent needed housing from being built around the country by requiring Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) recipients to report periodically on the extent to which they are removing discriminatory land use policies and implementing inclusive and affordable housing options.  Reducing regulations and administrative barriers present in local jurisdictions could dramatically boost housing affordability in the U.S. Lawmakers need to push YIMBY through.  

Despite bipartisan support for the YIMBY Act, lawmakers have delayed moving this forward. The NIMBY Act (Not In My Back Yard) has created limited supply and an overwhelming demand in rental housing. Most who back the NIMBY Act have complete misconceptions of the rental housing industry and see apartment building as a threat to their cities. With inflation and rising gas prices, metropolitan cities are suffering on the outskirts as there is lack of affordable rental housing and commutes are now considered just as expensive as renting. 

Section 8 Housing Voucher Program 

The Section 8 Housing Voucher Program is a voluntary program NAA has long supported. While it is one of the most successful rental subsidy programs, many members are asking for changes and reforms to the fifty-year-old program. The program itself could use a face lift and aim toward a more user-friendly benefit for landlords. There is legislation which would essentially incentivize more landlords to use the program and cut back the red tape on regulations.  

NAA has a great chart for their members showing the standard leasing process versus the Section 8 process. The most noticeable difference is how much more streamlined conventional leasing is compared to affordable. This is where effective legislative changes could drastically improve the use of the Section 8 Housing Voucher Program across the country. The composed legislation suggests changes and reforms such as: 

  • Awarding incentive payments to housing providers that are new participants or operate in high-volume areas  
  • A mitigation fund so owners can better manage repairs and damages  
  • Establishing inspection reciprocity to allow owners and operators already subject to other inspection protocols to satisfy HCV (Housing Choice Voucher) requirements 
  • A landlord liaison to support landlords during the Section 8 process 

Eviction Moratoriums  

Members of NAA are speaking up to lawmakers regarding the CARES Act and Eviction Moratoriums. Though the CARES Act was passed with bipartisan support in March 2020, many saw this as a temporary solution to prevent an unprecedented economic disaster during COVID-19. Two years later, the eviction moratorium was extended and properties covered under the CARES Act are still required to give 30-day notices for evictions. This can cause problems for properties upon arriving in court. 

As Jason Simon explains, “The reality of it is, if you don’t give that notice and you go into JP court, file your eviction, you’re before the judge, the judge is going to ask you, ‘Are you covered under the CARES Act?’ If you say you’re not covered and you are covered, your case could be dismissed and that’s the end result. The problem is that [30-day notice requirement] should have expired with the 120-day eviction moratorium. It was temporary, it was ‘Let’s get through the pandemic, until we have vaccines and rental assistance and get rid of it.’ But the 30-day notice to vacate is still in place and there’s no end date. So, it will not end until legislators end it.”  

NAA members are asking lawmakers to sunset the federal eviction moratorium to halt the destabilization of the rental housing market. The moratorium has restricted property owners’ ability to pay mortgages, salaries, property taxes, maintenance and utilities, ultimately putting many properties into jeopardy and out of business. Small businesses have been especially hard hit. But the answer isn’t just to end the moratorium, since the moratorium has led some renters to accumulate debt that they will be unable to pay when the moratorium ends. Instead, NAA members will be advocating for a clear end date to the moratorium AND for Congress  to offer increased rental assistance to allow renters that have been unable to pay some or all of their rent during the moratorium to catch up on rent payments and remain in their homes. 

For more information on the NAA’s advocacy, visit the policy section of the NAA website, check out the federal legislative tracker or find information about active legislation in your state through the state legislative tracker

See you on Capitol Hill! 

ResMan Recaps NMHC’s OPTECH 2021

Last week, the ResMan team headed to National Harbor, Maryland for the first in-person OPTECH event in two years. OPTECH 2021 was hosted at the newly renovated Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center just south of Washington D.C. The hotel and convention center made for a large space, covering three floors for sessions and the trade show floor. 

Over 2,000 attendees and vendors eagerly arrived Monday evening, all of them excited to see both old and new faces at this year’s event. The first night was a great networking opportunity both in and outside of the trade show floor.  

Our Booth at OPTECH 2021 

optech 2021

ResMan’s booth featured our dual touch screen demo stations where attendees could experience first-hand how intuitive and easy-to-use our conventional and affordable solutions are, with many taking the lead in demoing the accounting, budgeting, payments, and online leasing capabilities within the comprehensive platform.  

Our favorite points of conversation revolved around both old and new features launched here at ResMan. Our popular Credit Builder feature allows residents to report their on-time rental payments to credit bureaus, ensuring their largest monthly payments are rewarded with credit growth. Along with that, we shared our new payments feature which will help property managers collect rent hassle-free. The other eye-catching solution we shared was ResMan Websites, which offers high conversion features such as interactive site maps, virtual tours, neighborhood explorers, and unit-specific floor plans. The best part? There’s no coding knowledge needed. Teams are allowed to easily edit website content on the fly, including videos, photos and text.  


The sessions this year were the talk of the conference. NMHC did a wonderful job at providing thought-provoking sessions from knowledgeable leaders in the industry. A majority of conversations revolved around data, technology and the impact of COVID-19 on both businesses and people within property management. 

The Keynote speaker, Suneel Gupta, CEO of Rise, concluded Tuesday’s sessions with a particularly insightful conversation around burnout and coping with feelings of failure in the workplace.  

“We’ve been told success is a result of hard work and grit,” Suneel remarked. “And yet, if you look at the definitions of grit – relentlessness, instant responsiveness, being always on, doing whatever it takes to win – those are also the same actions that lead to burnout. It suggests employees to see grit and burnout as the path to success.” 

$500 Travel Voucher Giveaway 

Giveaways and swag are always a fun part of trade shows. We offered a $500 travel voucher giveaway to booth visitors at OPTECH 2021 as a thank you for stopping by. We will be selecting a winner this week and are excited to give out a nice gift that hopefully brings a much-needed chance to disconnect, relax and recharge! If you visited our booth, be sure to check your inbox this week to see if you won!  

Wrapping Up A Great Event 

It was a fun and exciting week at OPTECH 2021 and we cannot wait for next year’s event. Until then, we’ll be working on enhancements that bring even more efficiencies to our customers in 2022. All in all, NMHC’s OPTECH is a great event and we hope attendees and vendors alike appreciated all of the great content and conversations like we did. Hope to see you in 2022! 

If you attended OPTECH and didn’t have the chance to visit our booth or talk to one of our team members, we would love to connect! Simply fill out a form here to chat with one of our experts! 

ResMan Felt the Love at NAA Apartmentalize 2019

If you made it to the conference in Denver this summer, you already know what a great experience it was. But love?

What’s Love Got to Do with it?

This year at NAA Apartmentalize was particularly exciting for us because, despite being a proven player with the fresh approach, there were some folks that still had not heard of us. But this year, we met hundreds of new friends who had heard not only about our platform but the movement we’ve started. We even reunited with old friends who lamented that their new employer didn’t use ResMan. It seems that more people than ever before know and love ResMan.

One of our clients, Josh Gierach, owner of J.K. Rock, LLC, puts it this way: “I DO love ResMan! ResMan is the best property management software I have ever seen! The board room is without rival!  It allows me to see quickly how well our properties and staff are doing, often without clicking any further. If I want to dig in further, it’s only a click or two away and I can see even more details without needing to go to an entirely different part of ResMan. The platform model, which allows us to insert or remove vendors who provide additional services without a major disruption of our operations/accounting, is genius and very much appreciated!”

This overwhelmingly positive enthusiasm validated our goal to provide brilliant resident experiences that deliver our goal of a Love, Lease, Live lifestyle for your renters. It drives us to work even harder as the industry’s partner for growth.

If we didn’t get the chance to meet you at NAA Apartmentalize or you aren’t familiar with what we bring to the property management industry, this is just a partial recap of our experience in Denver and how love factors in.

Love Isn’t Blind

There are real reasons for the industry’s deep emotional attraction to our movement.

First, love is the basis of who we are. ResMan is a true partner whose entire purpose is built around our three-pronged goal to make it easier than ever before for property owners to provide:

  • Happy homes in safe communities
  • Rewarding careers for those who manage these communities
  • Impressive investment returns for those who takes risks to develop and maintain them

Josh Gierach adds, “[ResMan] has changed our lives and we could not imagine managing our properties without it!  I am genuinely conflicted on whether I want to promote it, because it gives me a huge advantage over others who have not yet discovered it or have failed to see the light.”

Second, with a goal to be the preferred platform for multifamily, we’ve reached a tipping point. At NAA Apartmentalize, ResMan was ranked the industry’s second-most engaged supplier in our category. So the love we’re injecting into this industry, from property management companies to the residents we serve, is clearly being recognized and returned.

Love Your Property Management Technology?

Some believe that the multifamily industry has been a laggard when it comes to adoption of new, enabling technologies. And for good reason: The entrenched incumbents haven’t shown the industry the love it expects.

But with our big dreams, our sights set high, and an insistence on providing the best for our partners and friends, we’ve disrupted the industry. We’ve innovated, grown and delivered results widely enough that we’re no longer just for early adopters.

  • It’s an exciting time for the industry. New approaches, like the one enabled by the ResMan platform, are allowing multifamily property owners to enjoy:
  • An increase in operator efficiency and job satisfaction
  • Improved financial performance of multifamily assets and portfolios

The ability to provide resident experiences that enable the lifestyle that contemporary renters expect

More ResMan Love on the Way

This year’s National Apartment Association’s event will be viewed as a watershed moment in the property management technology revolution we’re experiencing. ResMan isn’t slowing down; in fact, we’re more invested, both financially and personally, from every member of our team.

We have an extremely ambitious 2019 and 2020 ahead. In fact, just this year, we’ve already facilitated:

  • A partnership with Berger Residential, who selected the ResMan platform to power its next stage of growth and business effectiveness
  • A strategic alliance with CoreLogic
  • The launch of ResMan Affordable in April
  • Ongoing focus on new products, with 3 major product releases in the coming months

Love is how we’ve become a multifamily technology leader. The love we receive in return will spark continued innovation on our part.

We invite you to Love ResMan.