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Easy Lease Helps Support Residents Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

October 19, 2017 Elizabeth Francisco

Hurricane Harvey ripped through Houston and surrounding areas in September displacing thousands of families. Even weeks after the actual storm, hundreds of families are still living in shelters and looking for a new place that they can now call home.

It can sometimes seem like an endless sea of paperwork during tragedies like this, but for ResMan users, Easy Lease has allowed those living in shelters to apply for their new apartments online, eliminating the paper forms so often associated with the leasing process.  Consolidating workflows and increasing site-level efficiencies are important to property managers and leasing agents, but when it comes to reducing the burden of displaced home-owners, enabling applicants means so much more.

Terry Jackson, of DCM Cancun and a client of ResMan’s, shares this story.

“It began when the City of Houston instructed displaced residents to send rental applications to multiple properties. Realizing this wouldn’t be the most efficient use of time, the properties worked together to convince the City to let them set up leasing tents inside the actual shelter, which would allow people to sign up much faster, instead of having to go out to each physical location,” said Jackson.

Upwards of 500 people an hour would filter in and out of leasing tents looking for a home. Leasing agents were using property management software from other properties, and applicants were manually filling out their applications and leasing forms.

“It was easy to tell the people living in the shelter were tired from filling out forms, since forms were needed for multiple different purposes like being approved to stay in the shelters, to receive food and other additional forms of help.”

Jackson further explains a defining moment she experienced. “I witnessed Karya Managment signing units left and right with Easy Lease by using laptops and tablets to have people quickly and easily sign their leasing forms since this was not the case with other tents using other property management software platforms.

I saw a couple who had lost their home and had already spent a lot of time filling out paperwork to receive shelter and food and other basic life necessities. They literally jumped for joy at the ease of signing up for a new apartment with Easy Lease, and they hugged each other as they felt that out of this entire situation, this was their easiest moment.”

Terry said this was a very emotional moment for her and was so happy that ResMan can make this entire process easier for people who have been going through so much as a result of Hurricane Harvey. “Compared to other software, nothing can beat ResMan!” She said.

We love hearing stories like this and we strive to continue to create a software that not only works harder for operators but also makes it easy to help residents.

Thank you, Terry, for sharing this story with us and we are still thinking about everyone in and around Houston who was affected by this disaster.

If you want to help the residents affected by Hurrican Harvey and other recent natural disasters you can do so here:  NAA, TAA, FAA, or One America Appeal.

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