It’s no surprise that three of ResMan’s valued customers, Q10 Property Advisors, Apartment Dynamicsand S2 Capital LLC, are winners — winners of the 2018 Best Places to Work in Multifamily that is.

To earn this coveted award, employers are evaluated on company policies, practices, demographics, and employee feedback. Out of thousands of applications each year, only 25 claim a title.

Since three of the winners are valued ResMan customers, we wanted to not only take the time to highlight our customers’ achievement, but also discuss what it takes to be a leader in the multifamily industry. ResMan caught up with Mary Gwyn, Chief Innovator for Apartment Dynamics, to get her thoughts. Read her interview below:

ResMan: Why do you think your company received this award?

Mary Gwyn: We have the best team. I tell people I’m surrounded by greatness. I’m surrounded by professionals who care about what they do.

R: What makes you different from other multifamily employers?

MG: We don’t manage in a cookie-cutter method. Every asset is unique. We brand each individual asset to maximize its performance.

R: How can multifamily employers be better for their employees and residents?

MG: Employers are looking for wow benefits. I think they forget employees need the basics first, like good pay and work conditions.

R: What are the qualities of a leader in the multifamily industry?

MG: A good leader is someone who is willing to do anything they ask of employees and someone who respects employees for what they bring to the table. You never know when someone who works for you now can be your boss.

R: How did it make you feel to win?

MG: It was so cool! We were surrounded by a lot of great companies [and] were excited to just be in the top 20. We heard our name at No. 3. [This all] comes down to our employees.

R: How does your organization continue to get better?

MG: As we’re growing it becomes more difficult. Our goal is that no matter how big we grow, our culture is felt by all our owner-client customers, employee customers, and resident customers. We want to be consistent.

R: Why do you work with ResMan?

MG: We were wowed by the onboarding process. In my role, I train. Lots of the things I do, [ResMan] trainers do. [ResMan is] a listening and growing organization, and that is important to us. And the software, it’s too easy. That is a good problem. Our people in the field don’t need to be computer experts. We love ResMan.

R: Anything you want to add?

MG: [Apartment Dynamics] did this contest, not from any expectation of being in the top. We did it for the feedback. We make a plan on how to improve based on employee feedback.

Q10 Property Advisors came in first place, Apartment Dynamics in third, and S2 Residential in 21st.

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