NAA Apartmentalize has been such an amazing conference! Attendance may have been a bit lighter this year than in past years, but interest and enthusiasm among those who attended was stronger than ever! Everyone was excited to be back in person and focused on getting everything out of the learning opportunity. 

With crowds steady in the ResMan booth throughout the conference, one might surmise that the questions would be booth related. I’ll leave it to the reader to decide:  

1. “OMG can I PLEASE have an espresso?” …said many an attendee and an exhibitor as they spotted the Lamarzocco machine. The in-booth espresso bar was definitely well-received! Special thanks to our barista, George, who helped a lot of folks make it through their first full conference day in a long time! 

2. “Did they just walk up to the touch screen and start giving themselves a demo?” said more than one ResMan employee standing in disbelief as a property management team, giddy with excitement, started completing tasks on their own without having ever used ResMan before. “It’s so easy!” could be heard echoing around the booth…. 

3. “Look – it’s ROI! Did he gain weight since we last saw him?” …said a ResMan customer who spotted ROI atop the welcome desk. It’s true that ROI, the ResMan chameleon mascot, has been out of the industry’s view for a few years. And certainly, we all know what can happen after taking it easy for a few years. 

4. “Should we be letting Paul give a demo?” said a concerned ResMan employee who worried a bit, as our fearless leader, Paul Bridgewater, was expertly navigating the touch screen monitor and proving just how easy ResMan is to use. Paul clearly earned his demo wings at the NAA Apartmentalize 2021!  

5. “Do you know how happy we are that you’re now part of Inhabit IQ?” … said many of ResMan’s biggest fans! It isn’t hard to see that it just makes so much sense – for customers, for the companies and for the industry as a whole. Adding ResMan complements and strengthens the collective Inhabit IQ product portfolio. The move allows for a broader range of solutions under one family of leading brands, while still providing the flexibility customers need to access to best-in-class solutions. It’s no wonder the industry sees this as a win for all! 

Stay tuned to the blog as we highlight more of the learning and fun that took place over the last few days at NAA Apartmentalize.