Why Your Leasing Team Matters the Most

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Point blank, your leasing team is the face of your management company and/or community. In turn, they are your corporate branding. If you want to be known as a warm resident-comes-first kind of community, you’d better staff yourself with friendly, warm, inviting and personable leasing professionals. Your leasing team is the first point of contact for not only a potential renter, but your current residents. Their smile and up-beat personality is what is going to get renters through your door, and their ability to relate and befriend the prospect will be the thing that separates your community from an apartment complex, yes I said the word, complex. Side note, my first few years in the multifamily industry I was told to never say the wording “Apartment Complex” because it gives the on-site teams and owners a complex. I regress, back to why your leasing team matters the most.



Leasing consultants paint a picture and can make a C property seem like a top of the line A community. They are the Vanna Whites of the world, showcasing the property, and hopefully your prospect’s next home. By the way, we lease homes, not apartments. They oversee million-dollar assets, deal with disgruntled residents, communicate with your residents on a daily basis, and they are the ears of your community (for both employees and renters). They encourage a positive team atmosphere and help with resident retention efforts all year long, not just at renewal time. In all actuality, they are your front line, before situations or circumstances call for a manager to get involved.


Leasing consultants will become your community managers, regional managers, and VPs of tomorrow, so train them, mentor them, and appreciate their efforts. Give them tools to make your million-dollar assets shine, and let them be the branding that sets you apart from your competition!

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