BoardRoom Analytics

Compare operational performance metrics in real time across multiple properties in order to meet budget goals and improve business intelligence.

Key Features

The BoardRoom provides data in real time that aligns with the way you do business so that you can measure and manage metrics to optimize performance. Easy access to critical tools and features is only a click away. Core data is easily accessed through our 3-Click Innovation. ResMan’s single core database gives your BoardRoom total access to your whole portfolio on one screen.  

The BoardRoom

See your entire organization in real time, on one screen, with strategic views of critical business metrics across your portfolio, region, or specific property.

  • Real-time key performance analytics
  • On-the-spot information from core analytics to resident-level data
  • Easy access to KPIs that have immediate effect on your NOI

Portfolio Views

Measure operations and financial performance with one platform using real-time, side-by-side asset comparison.

  • Quick-view analytics compare metrics across portfolios
  • Access accounting and operational data with a single sign-on
  • Impact NOI with real-time business intelligence


Intuitive User Experience

ResMan was designed by property managers to deliver seamless user experience and functionality that aligns with individual roles within your organization.

  • Control access to BoardRoom information according to defined user roles and permissions
  • Go from high-level summary data down to transactional details in as few as three clicks of the mouse
  • With access to summary and detailed transactional information, educated decisions can be made in real time

Robust Quick Search

ResMan’s Universal Search Tool means you will only search one time…for anything!

  • Single search field to entire database
  • Query expansion
  • Eliminates multiple search queries

ResMan is by far the most intuitive and efficient property management software we have experienced. We are now able to focus more on the properties and spend much less time managing our software processes. On top of that, ResMan’s customer…

Ben Kurtz | VP at Newcastle Properties, Inc.

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