ResMan’s innovative budgeting module enables users to create a powerful, customized budgeting and forecasting solution.

Key Features

Our centralized budgeting module provides custom budgeting templates for your team to adapt, duplicate, and easily analyze. ResMan enables properties to define user permissions, pull budgeting data, and hit your projected targets with unprecedented ease. 

Simplify Your Workflow

ResMan’s budget module is presented in a familiar interface without the risk of formula corruptions due to user error. We ensure data integrity allowing for greater efficiency in the work flow.

  • Centralize customized budgeting templates
  • Provide user defined permissions
  • Easily pull historical data directly from your General Ledger

Automate Your Projections

ResMan’s Budgeting tool eliminates error and miscommunication due to automation and projections.

  • Forecast occupancy & financial performance using historical information
  • Project your renewal capture percentage, number of move-outs, and number of move-ins using built-in tools by unit type
  • Define your budget with an annualized occupancy target that will populate the numbers needed to hit the target

Easily Export to Excel

ResMan enables users to directly export your budget reports into Excel to maintain data integrity.

  • Export your final budget draft to a functional Excel document
  • Carry over notations for special line items directly into an Excel export to save you valuable time
  • Retain and track notations made by various team members throughout the budgeting process

Projected Target Occupancy

ResMan estimates the needed move-ins for each month to achieve target occupancy so that your team stays on track and ahead at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

ResMan software was developed in 1999 as a sole proprietorship for a private management company. ResMan was launched as a SaaS offering in 2012 and has become the fastest growing property management software company.

Do you have your own accounting platform?

Yes, we are very proud that our accounting platform was developed in-house rather through integration or acquisition. In addition, our accounting capabilities are built into the core system so that both operational and financial reporting can be done from the same data base.

How do I know ResMan will be around in two years?

ResMan isn’t going anywhere. The original founders did a great job funding the company and secured Wasatch Venture Group to fund the growth strategy in 2016.

Does ResMan have an existing ad hoc reporting module?

ResMan Essentials comes with a custom financial report writing tool. Professional services are available to build out custom reports.

How long does it take to convert to ResMan?

Your dedicated project manager will hold your hand and together, you will work through our 9-step process which takes 45-60 days.

How long do payments typically take to post on our general ledger and into our bank account?

Payments post to your GL in real-time in the ResMan software, and you’ll see funding within 24 hours in your account.

What are my training options?

We offer multiple options to learn how to use ResMan software. Knowing one size doesn’t fit all, we tailor our training to you and your team.

If I sign up for Engage 360, how long does it typically take for my website and marketing materials to be ready?

Our usual turnaround time is less than two weeks.

What are your customer support hours?

We are available from Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 7:00pm CST. (Closed on major holidays).

Does ResMan integrate with leading industry Internet Listing Services?

ResMan currently integrates with several ILS providers, please see the integrations page for a current list of providers.

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Stacy Walton | CAM VP Property Operations

ResMan is simply the best total software solution available on the market today. The developers have created the complete package; there are no separate modules…

Lori Guay | Jamboree Management Corporation

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