ResMan’s innovative budgeting module enables users to create a powerful, customized budgeting, and forecasting solution.

Key Features

Our centralized budgeting module provides custom budgeting templates for your team to adapt, duplicate, and easily analyze. ResMan enables properties to define user permissions, pull budgeting data, and hit your projected targets with unprecedented ease. 

Simplify Your Workflow

ResMan’s budget module is presented in a familiar interface without the risk of formula corruptions due to user error. We ensure data integrity allowing for greater efficiency in the workflow.

  • Centralize customized budgeting templates
  • Provide user defined permissions
  • Easily pull historical data directly from your General Ledger

Automate Your Projections

ResMan’s budgeting tool eliminates error and miscommunication due to automation and projections.

  • Forecast occupancy and financial performance using historical information
  • Project your renewal capture percentage, number of move-outs, and number of move-ins using built-in tools by unit type
  • Define your budget with an annualized occupancy target that will populate the numbers needed to hit the target

Easily Export to Excel

ResMan enables users to directly export your budget reports into Excel to maintain data integrity.

  • Export your final budget draft to a functional Excel document
  • Carry over notations for special line items directly into an Excel export to save you valuable time
  • Retain and track notations made by various team members throughout the budgeting process

Projected Target Occupancy

ResMan estimates the needed move-ins for each month to achieve target occupancy so that your team stays ahead.

We recently switched property software programs from AMSI to ResMan effective January 1st, 2016. There was a relatively small implementation period as we needed all of our data to be migrated from AMSI to ResMan within 45 days. Our implementation…

Renee F. | VP at Property Management

Customize Your Budgeting and Forecasting

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