Credit Builder

Credit Builder is a resident-funded amenity that improves NOI while allowing you to differentiate your assets from competitors in the market.
ResMan Engage CreditBuilder

Key Features

Credit Builder gives your assets the leverage to improve NOI, resident retention, and closing ratios with zero out-of-pocket expense. Residents can effortlessly navigate Credit Builder’s intuitive design, encouraging fiscal responsibility that benefits them and your communities.  The Credit Builder program is open to all lease holders over the age of 18, allowing the asset to increase revenue per person beyond the number of physical units.

Resident Benefits

Credit Builder has the potential to be life changing for your residents.  

  • Automatically report on-time rental payments to multiple credit bureaus 
  • Provide enrolled residents access to industry leading money management tools
  • Analyze a resident’s debt-to-income and automate a plan to achieve financial freedom through the Credit Builder portal

Management Benefits

Credit Builder is a resident-funded amenity that will add a revenue stream for your assets.

  • No out-of-pocket expense
  • Fees are collected with rent, providing immediate access to funds
  • Attract responsible residents
  • Stand out from your competition

Product Features

ResMan tracks the revenue for Credit Builder at the portfolio view through the ResMan Revenues Module.

  • Residents can easily opt-in at the time of application or through their portal
  • Site staff can enroll walk-ins directly through ResMan Essentials
  • Improve adoption with recurring email and SMS templates provided by ResMan

ResMan Revenues Module

The ResMan Revenues Module allows site and corporate level team members to instantly track Credit Builder adoption rates, subsequent income, and the effective price of ResMan Essentials.

  • Monitor adoption percentages across both a portfolio and property level view with easy-to-understand visual graphics
  • KPI tiles track gross and net income at the portfolio and property level
  • Frontline associates can work unsubscribed residents with ease from the property’s main dashboard
Mary Gwyn, Apartment Dynamics

As a trainer by passion, the first thing that WOWed me was the professional training our team received from ResMan before our implementation. They utilized latest techniques designed to help adult learners retain and use the information, taking our team…

Mary G. | CPM Chief Innovator Dynamic Management, Marketing & Training, Apartment Dynamics


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