Welcome to the ResMan Essentials

The ResMan advantage starts with the Essentials.

The most robust core enterprise solution in the market offers essential features up-front. We bring you everything from advanced accounting & budgeting features to strong lead management tools. Starting with a robust core package sets the foundation for your property management software.

Optimize ancillary revenue generator with our built-in allocation module. An impact on your NOI starts with our Radio Utility Billing Systems.
Combine the convenience of modern technology with world-class customer service to keep up with resident communication.
Manage budget templates, reduce mistyped data, and automate occupancy projections & financial performances to directly impact your NOI.
Automate accounting processes to improve efficiency, reduce workloads, and enable checks & balances.
Elevate marketing initiatives by automating task management and workflows designed to convert a lead into a lease.
Empower your maintenance team with a suite of tools to increase efficiency & productivity, improve communication, and save money.
Compare performance metrics in real time across multiple properties in order to meet budget goals and improve business intelligence.
Enable your team to improve cash flow and reduce delinquent balances by tracking, communicating, and monitoring resident activity.
Enable your on-site team to improve resident satisfaction, track renewal efforts, and ultimately secure higher renewal percentages.
Analyze industry-specific data with customized reporting to offer instant insights and ultimately protect & grow your investment.
Take advantage of our industry-leading platform for vendor integrations. Navigate our open API to do business with the vendors of your choice.

ResMan Solution Add-ons

Leasing and renewals have never been easier. A simple online leasing experience is just as important as getting the deposit on a first-time showing.
Certify your property, meet compliance goals, and easily qualifying prospects to ensure monthly housing assistance payments are met.
Empower responsible renters to build their credit report. Boost occupancy and build revenue by embracing a resident-focused software.