Budgeting ResMan’s innovative budgeting module enables users to create a powerful, customized budgeting and forecasting solution.

Simplify your budget workflow

Not an expert in excel? No problem! ResMan’s budget module is presented in a familiar interface without the risk of formula corruptions due to user error.

Utilize one central budgeting template or owner specific templates. User defined permissions allow users to move between tabs & fields to see & edit data.

ResMan pulls historical data directly from your General Ledger ensuring data integrity allowing for greater efficiency in the work flow.

Automate your projections

Using Historical Information ResMan, users can forecast occupancy & financial performance.

Project your renewal capture percentage, number of move-outs and number of move-ins using built-in tools by unit type.

Looking for a more traditional approach? Define your budget with an annualized occupancy target that will populate the numbers needed to hit the target.

Easily export to excel

Export your final budget draft to a functional excel document. Any notations made in ResMan for special line items carry over to the excel export, saving valuable time.

ResMan retains and tracks notations made be various team members through out the budgeting process.


Customized Budgeting & Forecasting

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