Credit Builder Benefit from increased revenue & NOI with no cost to your property by attracting responsible renters and decreasing delinquent payments.

Why trust Credit Builder?

Credit Builder reports a resident’s on-time rent payments to the three major credit bureaus. With Credit Builder’s credit reporting, industry leading money management tools, and free credit counseling, residents can improve their credit scores.

With no out-of-pocket expense for the property, the Credit Builder program is a zero-cost amenity that will ensure you attract and retain residents while adding additional revenue stream.

NOI at no cost to you

Credit Builder both benefits your residents while also offering significant benefits at the property level:

  • Build your property’s NOI with no out-of-pocket investment
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Attract responsible residents that pay rent on time to ensure that your property has ample funds to pay mortgage, insurance, and utilities

The potential revenue generated by Credit Builder offsets the cost of your property management software, making it that much easier to make the switch to ResMan.

Property Benefits

At the property level, the Credit Builder boardroom module provides property specific metrics and tools to increase enrollment. Enhance your property with:

ResMan Revenues

Track subscriptions to Credit Builder at the portfolio level and access net YTD and monthly revenue numbers through ResMan’s Revenues Module.

Property-Level View

View performance metrics, compare your property to the top performing property in the portfolio, and improve adoption directly from the dashboard.

Self Enrollment

Enable prospects and residents to self-enroll in Credit Builder via the online application or the resident portal.

Resident Benefits

Credit Builder not only improves credit scores, it also offers a variety of money management tools that empower your prospects and residents to take control of their financial future.

Report Payment

Credit Builder reports online rent payments to all three major credit bureaus so that a resident leverages their largest monthly expense to start building better credit.

Learning Tools

Residents have access to programs and live webinars that teach them how to manage their money and build their credit.

Track Progress

Residents receive text reminders of due dates and account balances, as well as quarterly newsletters filled with industry news and credit tips.

“We benefit from the increased revenue created by Credit Builder, and because we are the only property in our area offering this amenity, we capture more leases.”

— Jennifer Miller, Manager | Area Leader 

Broadmoor Village Apartments