Easy Lease Capture more leases with automation tools and increase efficiencies for processing applications and lease contracts.

Increase your closing ratio

An easy online leasing experience is just as important as getting the deposit on a first-time showing. Save time during the leasing process and make you and your residents’ lives easier.

Easy Lease pulls your marketing content and unit availability that is already in ResMan, so your availability and online application reflect your brand.

The intuitive nature of the Easy Lease workflow ensures that prospects can easily navigate the online application.

Prospects can go from viewing an available unit in real time, apply online and then electronically sign their lease docs from a smart device or home computer.  Applicants can lease when it works for them without ever having to come into the leasing office.

Should an applicant fail to complete the online application; ResMan still captures their information providing your team a means for follow-up on the opportunity and continue to close.

Improve your leasing workflows

As a core part of ResMan’s solution, Easy Lease eliminates the need for manual upkeep during the leasing process.  With Easy Lease, leasing and renewals are drastically simplified. 

Easy Lease online processes reduce the need for manual data entry and reduce the potential for human error.

Applicants no longer have to drop off paystubs or do a separate email; they can upload supporting documents right into the online application.   

Seamlessly integrated payments and screening features also make the process streamlined, so nothing delays turning lead into a lease.

Discover the Easy Lease difference

Easy Lease improves your closing ratio with automated applicant workflows that keeps up with residents so property managers can focus attention on action items.

Managers can accept supporting documentation uploaded by applicants and renewals, whether they are filling out applications for a conventional property or starting the tenant certification process.

Automatically generate responses and workflows, if company policies permit automatically generate lease docs when screening results come back approved.

Create custom form letters or take advantage of Blue Moon integration, which electronically enables unprecedented productivity and access to industry standard leasing forms.

With built-in E-Signature services and secure document management & storage, renew leases contracts without asking renters to stop by the office.  With ResMan, managing leases becomes a breeze.