Maintenance Empower your maintenance team with a suite of tools to increase efficiency & productivity, improve communication, and save money.

With ResMan your teams will have a single system of record that improves communication, productivity and effectiveness even while in the field.

Web-based management software is ideal for any facility that requires streamlined access to information, a protected inventory of assets, and preventative maintenance.

Empower your maintenance team with a suite of tools to increase efficiency, increase productivity, improve communication and save money.

Remote Access Any Time, Anywhere

ResMan’s web responsive design not only provides access to information in real time to team members out in the field it allows team members to upload photos and generate tickets from the field.

  • Receive and update service requests in real time from the field.
  • Report & document corrective maintenance needs in real time, reducing risk.
  • Assign tasks and coordinate team members or contractors in real times.
  • Communicate with residents via email or text in real time.

Reporting on the Asset

Quickly run reports or access dashboards that compile, list and analyze data about your entire maintenance program.

  • Properly staff the asset(s) with better scheduling, tracking, and time management
  • Analyze costs to improve efficiency and prolong equipment life
  • Set Goals and Manage turnaround times on service requests
  • Track repairs and upgrades, inventory items and work order history at the unit level

Increase Efficiency & Lower Expenses

Information allows us all to make better decisions, to be more productive and to better manage expenses while reducing the steps along the way.

  • Auto populate make ready work orders upon a NTV and/or Move-Out
  • Schedule regular inspections & preventative maintenance
  • Maintain & manage units, buildings and common area maintenance.
  • Track inventory and warranty information
  • Upload and store blueprints, floorplans, certificates

Ease of Use

The maintenance team can continue to use systems they are familiar with ResMan’s Virtual Make Ready Board.

  • Manage make ready tasks or renovation projects.
  • Color code make ready categories to quickly assess status of vacant units.
  • Assign and manage in house technicians or third party contractors.
  • Update the board from the field or print off a hard copy for your clip board.