Process Receivables Enable your team to improve cash flow and reduce delinquent balances by tracking, communicating, and monitoring resident activity.

Turn delinquent accounts into productive units

End-of-month delinquencies are reflective on the number of calls made, emails sent, and doors knocked on. ResMan’s accounting and collection workflows make working with delinquent accounts much easier. We know firsthand how chaotic your work environment can be—after all, efficiency is essential to reducing delinquency.

Communicate clearly with residents

Through our Resident Portal, maintain effective communication with residents and make managing account balances and ensuring retention easy. Your residents can view account balances and retrieve account statements within moments of logging in.

Manage move-out balances like never before

Automatically set up and track a payment plan for each former resident that still owes a balance. ResMan gives you a bird’s eye view of outstanding balances for both the entire property and individual residents. Don’t wait for collection reports from third party collections. Track those account balances with ResMan.


Receivables Made Effortless

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