ResMan’s Qualifier Screening based on a risk assessment model fills your vacant units with more responsible renters who pay on time and have longer tenure in their units.

Improve Resident Screenings

Use a statistically-validated scoring model designed specifically to align with the financial goals for your assets/portfolio. Qualifier’s scoring model provides management with quantitative data that evaluates the potential risk associated with each applicant, allowing you to convert them to qualified residents.

  • Powered by CLGX, ResMan clients can have confidence in their screening results knowing the scoring model is supported by data derived from:

99% of the US Property Records
3,100 Countries
147+ Fields per record
Access to 3.3 + billion records

  • Unlike ResMan Qualifier, FICO scoring models do not account for subprime credit data which could show positive payment behavior, disqualifying potentially sound renters.

Results in Real Time

We have all experienced competitive markets; however, today operators face competition in real time, online.  Manage your online availability in real time with Qualifier and keep units available for qualified renters.

  • Unqualified applicants who take an available unit offline even for 24-48 hours can result in an increase in vacancy loss for the property.
  • Set preferences to allow applicants to retrieve screening results on their own while still in ResMan’s EasyLease online lease workflow.
  • Prospective renters who may have questionable credit or blemishes in their credit history can submit their application without facing potentially embarrassing conversations with management.

Efficiencies for Applicants & Site Staff

Unqualified Renters Don’t want to tie up your units anymore then you want them too.   Qualifier is built directly into the online application workflow improving efficiencies in the leasing and approval workflows.

  • Management can set online approval criteria and customize communication back to applicants.
  • Qualifier can be set to allow automated screening results back to the applicant allowing the EasyLease workflow to generate lease docs for e-sig.
  • Management can easily recall applicant screening results from the applicant screening module inside ResMan’s applicant/resident profile.