Improving Property Curb Appeal With Landscaping

May 5, 2016 Elizabeth Francisco

Because of its ability to increase market value and rentability, landscaping is generally a wise investment when it comes to managing a property. The fact is, curb appeal is crucial part of keeping residents happy and leases renewed, maintaining pride and value in your property, and appealing to prospective tenants.


Landscaping is one of the many steps property management can take to retain residents. Well-groomed outdoor areas such as garden lounges and floral-decorated pool lounges result in residents itching to spend more time outside. This time of year is crucial to capitalize on summer rentals since residents are drawn to properties that exude vibrant colors and strong curb appeal.

These days, it’s crucial to put in the effort of setting your property apart from competitors. In a time of technology and user-generated reviews, residents will talk—in order for residents to have pride in your property, it must be clear the property managers do as well. Here are some simple ways in which landscaping can impress your prospects.



Sustainable landscaping is a common practice that encompasses the mindful act of responding to and eliminating harmful environmental issues. Within each step of this multifamily practice, an eco-friendly stance is taken, including the landscaping, construction, implementation, and management of the grounds.


Many of your residents may be anxious to whether the environment is chemical-free due to their pets and other wellness concerns. Through sustainable landscaping you can use eco-friendly products to maintain a healthy and lush surrounding. Here are some ways to reduce your property’s footprint in a way that can also market well to potential residents:

•    Reduction of stormwater by having rain gardens or green walls / roofs
•    Use permeable paving materials to reduce runoff & replenish groundwater
•    Use sustainably-harvested wood for decking or other landscaping projects



Just like in anything else, you don’t want to take shortcuts when it comes to beautifying your property. Minding the details of each project is key to achieving optimal results. When searching for a place to live, residents tend to look into every detail as if under a magnifying glass. Little things such as grass clippings on the walkways, untrimmed tree branches, chipped paint on the roads or parking spots, and weeds in the flower beds can be detrimental. Not to mention, curb appeal offers an important drive-by impression and glimpse into the property.


It is essential to make sure the usual eyesores such as generators or meters are covered. You can do this by taking a page out of Disney’s book with the paint sample ‘Go Away Green’, a grayish-green coat of paint that blends in well among almost anything from concrete to landscaping. This technique helps certain objects hide in plain sight property, such as AC units, power generators, or anything else you want to blend into the background.


Stand Out

It never hurts to stand out with the head-turning curb appeal that professional landscaping offers. Hiring a multifamily renovation company can help you strategize landscaping without going overboard with finances, while still giving an extra edge. Landscaping trends, much like anything else, are always changing. From linear bed shapes to geometric designs, the biggest decision is deciding what will work best with the feel of your property.


•    Picturesque pavilions, pergolas, gazebos, and other outdoor structures are           one of the more effective ways to make your landscaping more attractive,             valuable, and a prominent focal point. Stacked-stone walls are a great                   addition to surround gardens for an extra elemental flare.

•    Picking a theme for the property landscaping is a flexible tactic that can range       from evergreen to tropical. Keep in mind the floral color scheme, as color is           imperative during the spring and summer months. Allow your landscaping to         reflect the property’s brand; from upscale and luxurious to fun and quirky, the         theme should emulate the quality of the property.

•    One of this year’s multifamily landscape trends that promises attention is               Mediterranean gardens. They tend to save more water because of the use of         drought-resistant plants like lavender, juniper, rosemary, and more.

•    Blended gardens are gaining popularity for the contrast of mixing flowers and         edible elements together. Though you may not want to install a working farm         into your property, it is an idea that can market to residents and the                       community of your property.

If you haven’t already, now is the best time to organize your property’s landscaping plans to boost curb appeal and attract summer leases. From hiring professional landscapers to simply adding a bit more color to flower gardens, take the time to give the exterior of your property just as much attention as the interior.


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