Our screening tool based on a risk assessment model fills your vacant units with more responsible renters who pay on time and have longer tenure in their units.
ResMan Engage Qualifier

Key Features

Use a statistically-validated scoring model designed specifically to align with the financial goals for your assets/portfolio. Qualifier’s scoring model provides management with quantitative data that evaluates the potential risk associated with each applicant, allowing you to convert them to qualified residents.

Improve Resident Screenings

ResMan Qualifier’s scoring models account for subprime credit data, unlike FICO, which could show negative payment behavior, disqualifying potentially sound renters.

Have confidence in screening results powered by CoreLogic, knowing the scoring model is supported by data derived from:

  • 99% of U.S. Property Records
  • 3,100 countries
  • Access to more than 3.3 billion records

Results in Real Time

Manage your online availability in real time and keep units available for qualified renters.

  • Avoid vacancy loss for the property that results in unqualified applicants taking an available unit offline for 24 to 48 hours
  • Allow applicants to retrieve screening results on their own while still in ResMan’s Easy Lease online lease workflow
  • Allow prospective renters with questionable credit or blemishes in their credit history to submit their application without potentially embarrassing conversations with management

Efficiencies for Applicants & Site Staff

Unqualified renters don’t want to tie up your units anymore then you want them to. Qualifier is built directly into the online application workflow improving efficiencies in leasing and approval.

  • Set online approval criteria and customized communication back to applicants
  • Send automated screening results back to the applicant allowing the Easy Lease workflow to generate lease documents for e-Sign
  • Recall applicant screening results from the applicant screening module inside ResMan’s applicant/resident profile

All our Systems from resident screening to insurance tracking, five to be exact, needed to be integrated…our sales associate and integration team worked diligently to make his a seamless transition and we were very happy with the results.

Stacy Walton | Capital Investment Group
Melinda Howard

By being able to be as automated as possible with messaging, communicating with the residents through events and within the portal, and … not [having to go through] an email system, [ResMan] streamlines the process even for the resident and…

Melinda Howard | PLK Communities LLC

With our other software products, ResMan is open and willing to integrate. Any company we asked for integration, ResMan has completed. With the open integration, it saves our team having to do double entry. ResMan also has multiple ways for…

Amy Hesman | Systems Manager, Pacific Living Properties
Dawn Waye

On January 21st, 2015 City Gate embarked on a new venture and having used other national-known software, there were a lot of questions to answer prior to the decision. ResMan made the decision easy with a thorough demonstration of attributes…

Dawn M. Waye | CPM – President, City Gate Property Group
Mary Gwyn, Apartment Dynamics

As a trainer by passion, the first thing that WOWed me was the professional training our team received from ResMan before our implementation. They utilized latest techniques designed to help adult learners retain and use the information, taking our team…

Mary Gwyn | CPM Chief Innovator Dynamic Management, Marketing & Training, Apartment Dynamics


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