ResMan+ Innovation Partner

After decades of strong-arming and consolidation, property management solutions were growing stagnant. The ResMan+ Innovation Network, was founded on the belief that an open marketplace breeds innovation, and that’s exactly what we aim to cultivate.

Better solutions are built together.

The ResMan Plus Innovation Network, is an open community for vendors who work with multifamily owners and operators. Our API allows third-party providers to integrate seamlessly with the ResMan platform and deliver a better customer experience to all.

Why ResMan Plus?

The multifamily industry has been programmed to believe that third-party integrations are not possible. The traditional model has long focused on acquiring multifamily vendors and forcing piecemeal solutions onto the customer—an approach that stunts agility and innovation.

The ResMan Plus Integration Network was born from the idea that a free market breeds better solutions, both for the customers and their providers. By allowing third-party providers to integrate openly, customers are able to craft a property management solution that’s based on their needs and budget without sacrificing a seamless platform experience. In this open environment, the best platforms prevail, innovation is rewarded, and the customer experience remains at the center of the multifamily universe.

How does it work?

Currently, 80 providers have joined the ResMan Plus network, with another 70 in the process of integrating. Within the network are 18 partner categories (listed below), ranging from leasing and call tracking to utility billing and marketing.

Joining the ResMan Plus network is easy. Simply get in touch with us to learn about the various options for integration, and then get started. You’ll be connected to a group of like-minded providers, as well as a customer base that’s looking for more than the static conventions in multifamily.

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