ResMan Ranked No. 1 in Gartner Study

April 24, 2017 Elizabeth Francisco

ResMan®, a leading provider of multifamily management software solutions confirmed today that Gartner has ranked ResMan as the No. 1 property management software solution in the largest segment of the multifamily housing space.


In the March 2017 Gartner FrontRunner study of Property Management Software, ResMan was identified as the leading solution based on a combination of product capability and value. Read the full study here.

Elizabeth Francisco, Senior Vice President of Software Products, said:

“The FrontRunner study corroborates the strong market adoption we have seen in recent years of ResMan’s initial product offering the Essentials Platform. The scope of the ResMan Essentials™ foundation combined with our expanding suite of solutions and market-leading integration platform has gained a lot of traction in the mid-market and is attracting significant attention from many of the largest players in multifamily”. Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.33.29 AM.png

Gartner FrontRunner Quadrant Studies for Property Management Report March 2017

The Gartner study tabulated ResMan in the lead within a crowded field of options in a wide spectrum of product offerings.

The contenders included some of the largest software companies serving multifamily, a number of publicly traded companies as well as several high-flying start-ups and privately funded ventures.


About Gartner FrontRunner Quadrant Studies:

The FrontRunners quadrant, powered by Gartner Methodology, provides a data-driven assessment of products in a particular software category to determine which ones offer the best capability and value for small businesses. It is designed to assist small business leaders in making a software purchase.

FrontRunners plots a given market’s top 20-30 products in a quadrant format. The quadrant placement displays the Capability and Value of a product relative to their peers in the market. Each product is positioned in a designated quadrant based on their overall score.


About ResMan:

ResMan® is one of the fastest growing property management software solutions in the multifamily industry. In an age of new ideas, ResMan prides itself on recruiting some of the brightest minds in the industry to deliver intuitive software and industry-leading customer experiences.

Built on a single platform, ResMan’s Multifamily Solution Suite provides a highly intuitive solution to meet both operational and accounting needs for the multifamily owner/operator. The foundation of Multifamily Solutions Suite is the Essentials Platform which delivers the most robust core in the industry, providing easy-to-use automation tools that improve operational effectiveness and productivity for Conventional and Affordable Housing Property Management.

Through dedicated and collaborative partnerships between ResMan and their integrated strategic partners, consumers can take advantage of best in class solutions with single sign-on and support from ResMan’s dedicated client services team.

For more information, visit http://www.myresman.com

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