Embrace a simple and accessible way to engage your residents with a 98% open rate.
Property Management Software Feature Bi-directional Texting

Key Features

SMS is a simple and accessible way of engaging with your customers and with an open rate of 98%, it is head and shoulders above any communication method in terms of read rate.

Texting Made Even Easier

SMS is simple, fast, and gets the message across instantly without any messing around. ResMan users can generate and receive text messages through the software in real time.

Resident Preferences

Easily communicate updates with your residents on a platform they check regularly. Today’s renters have become accustomed to using smartphones for everyday information.

Foolproof Documentation

Because documentation is critical in property management, ResMan’s SMS message system sends out and receives responses that are automatically recorded in the resident communication log.

Communicate Easier

Resident communication is a breeze with our intuitive SMS software that drafts, sends, and records messages with residents.


As you know, the transition from one software company to another can be quite a daunting task. All of our systems from resident screening to insurance tracking—five to be exact—needed to be integrated on the back­end into ResMan. Our sales…

Stacy W. | VP Property Operations, Capital Investment Group, INC

With Bi-Directional Texting Communication is Simple

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