The complete package.

ResMan is simply the best total software solution available on the market today. The developers have created the complete package; there are no separate modules to be purchased individually. The accounting software is superb. I have used several of the other top software suites and none of them are as complete and as simple to use as ResMan. Best of all, ResMan is cloud based and accessible anywhere anytime even on your mobile device. Their customer support is unsurpassed. I am a fan of ResMan!

Seamless conversions.

As you know, the transition from one software company to another can be quite a daunting task. All of our systems from resident screening to insurance tracking—five to be exact—needed to be integrated on the back­end into ResMan. Our sales associate and integration team worked diligently to make this a seamless transition, and we were very happy with the results.

Not only is the software easy to use and customizable, but we've been quite pleased with the monthly updates and improvements that are always made to the reports or the system itself. And we've found the ResMan support team to be the quickest and friendliest in the business. Whether we were looking for in-­person or web training, the ResMan team has always made themselves available.

I would fully recommend to anyone–take the leap and give ResMan a try.

Unparalleled support.

There are no words that can fully capture how pleased we are with ResMan. I did a lot of homework when choosing which software to use. We’ve been using ResMan for a while now, and we’re absolutely convinced that we could not have grown our business to the next level without it. With their help, our business has become a sharp, well-oiled machine. Their support is top notch, fast, caring, attentive, proactive, and accurate. It is within the interest of every multifamily operator to use ResMan, whether property manager or vendor.

Intuitive and efficient.

ResMan is by far the most intuitive and efficient property management software we have experienced. We are now able to focus more on the properties and spend much less time managing our software processes.

On top of that, ResMan's customer service is great. We never have to worry about not getting answers fast enough. ResMan's willingness and ability to implement customer ideas blew us away. We have seen multiple things we requested implemented.

Rapid implementation.

We recently switched property software programs from AMSI to ResMan effective January 1st, 2016. There was a relatively small implementation period as we needed all of our data to be migrated from AMSI to ResMan within 45 days.

Our implementation team was wonderful and answered all of the questions we had. We were able to get all of our integrations up and running and it was a relatively smooth process. Many of these integrations will help streamline and track processes that used to be quite burdensome.

The customer support has been fantastic, and we normally receive a response instantly when calling in. If the representative does not know the answer, they will research it and respond within 24 hours.

Overall the interface has been very user friendly, and I look forward to exploring everything else that ResMan has to offer.

Open integrations.

Pacific Living Properties started partnering with ResMan the last quarter of 2013 with our test properties. We rolled all properties over to ResMan in 2014. It has been a great partnership.

ResMan features are easy to use. You can see so much information on one property or multiple properties directly from the Boardroom. From there, you can dig deeper into an account in just a few clicks. ResMan is very user-friendly, both for the team on site and for our corporate team.

With our other software products, ResMan is open and willing to integrate. Any company we asked for integration, ResMan has completed. With the open integration, it saves our team having to do double entry. Our partnership with ResMan has been very successful for Pacific Living Properties.


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