Using Technology to Motivate Property Management Teams

November 10, 2016 Elizabeth Francisco

Numerous advances in technology are helping property managers do their jobs more effectively. As in most industries, computerization has provided some relief regarding data collection, manipulation, and storage, as well as new and better means of communication. But how can you utilize technology to better manage and motivate your property management team?


 Facilitate and enhance collaboration

Convenience is defining the workplace, especially in property management. Cloud-based file sharing tools like Google Drive and Dropbox are gaining traction within businesses and can be helpful in motivating employees to get things done by eliminating basic frustrations in the workplace.


Google Drive’s platform enables Gmail users to collaborate with multiple parties on documents, spreadsheets, and powerpoints in real-time and at the same time. Similarly, Dropbox allows multiple users to access, update, and share files from anywhere and anytime. And referencing our last point, both of these platforms have mobile apps to make the workplace even more streamlined.  

In addition to making it easier to find and share documents with team members, cloud-based sharing tools can keep track of who’s working on what and encourage collaboration among co-workers.


Analyze performance & provide real-time feedback

Performance reviews typically occur on an annual or quarterly basis, however feedback should be a continuous process. With the use of technology, we as property managers are able to better see how our team is doing, and can then do more for them.  Not only can this facilitate real-time feedback, but can also solicit peer-to-peer feedback. For example, Weekdone helps manager monitor their employees’ goals, accomplishments, and challenges in a single platform. Managers and employees can identify personal strengths and weaknesses to create a competency framework for individual development and succession planning. It also makes the performance review process a whole lot easier for both parties.


Support mobility

Mobile applications give employees the flexibility they need and want when it comes to file accessibility, and is especially important when it comes to accessing company information or documents when not at the office. In today’s digital world, property managers must be agile — and that includes enabling employees to access tools like your company’s CRM system from anywhere, at anytime.

Remote access to your property management system allows employees to be productive and responsive, even while off-site or on the go. In fact, a 2013 Mobile Helix survey of 300 IT decision makers estimated that organizations would see nearly a 40 percent boost in productivity if key enterprise applications were mobilized.


Increase ROI with improved efficiencies

Ultimately, motivating your team is a direct tie to improving business efficiencies. Property managers rely on the custom features, convenience, and intuitive-nature of their property management software. By embracing the latest technology, such as cloud-based software compatibility and a mobile-friendly dashboard, you and your team can seamlessly manage accounting and process receivables, as well as quickly search through the dashboard for specific data without fumbling around in a complicated software. With improved workflows and communication, these day-to-day efficiencies can save your property money and increase resident retention.

Simply put, when you allow technology to do the heavy lifting, you’ll naturally boost productivity for your team, which will, in turn, lead to more profitability over the long run. As an added benefit, arming your employees with the tools they need to do their jobs better can significantly increase employee engagement, which leads to higher levels of productivity and retention.


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