We’re all facing significant disruptions in our personal and professional life today due to COVID-19 – but that’s nothing compared to the change we can expect in the next two years in the property management industry. Leveraging a quality lease management software with a virtual leasing office is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity for survival.

If you’re wondering how to transform your leasing office to be 100 percent virtual, there are a few things to consider to make sure you choose one that serves your back office with time-saving features and boosts your leasing efforts:

  • High Converting Website
  • Virtual Tours
  • Flexible Communication Tools
  • Customizable Resident Portal
  • The Personal Touch


As a digital marketer, it’s my belief that your #1 focus should be on having a top converting website to increase your pipeline, drive brand awareness, and communicate with residents/tenants. Yes, a great site can do all of this, and you shouldn’t stand for less.

What do we mean by a high converting website?

A high-converting website leads future residents from the most crucial element to the second most vital element, to the third, and so on. On the other hand, a low-converting website leaves visitors to fend for themselves and try to pick out the essential parts among distractions. 

The net is that it’s imperative to showcase a streamlined site that offers convenient tools to make it easier to find what they need and convert to tenants quickly. That means an online application, screening, leasing, and payments are critical now. 

But simply sticking an online lease application on your website or enabling online payments doesn’t ensure that your investment in lease management software will bring in new residents or prove valuable to those you already have. 

Your website is your organization’s face, especially for many who will not feel comfortable visiting your leasing office even as business openings expand. The bonus is that a well-stocked website puts high-value information at your leasing agents’ fingertips.

Do you know the impression your website is leaving with prospects or if it’s even being found? Is it easy to navigate? Are your listings updated? Does it showcase your property to its fullest? Now more than ever, it’s important to invest in a high-performing website.


High-quality pictures and videos are the stars of a virtual tour. But are you looking at how the information about the actual units is presented? When your leasing agents aren’t able to use their charm to secure new tenants, your virtual tour must have some personality to do the heavy lifting of showcasing unique features and qualities of each unit.

Spend the time to curate details specifically about the units (i.e., pool view, morning sun, shady balcony, etc.). Amplify the amenities using keywords that people are searching with. And if that isn’t enough, data from Estate Agent research shows that 75 percent of renters prefer interactive virtual tours over ordinary photographs and that these tours influenced their purchase decision.


Today’s residents are accustomed to communicating in the style they prefer, so it’s important to easily reach them with not only email but also SMS (texting). 

With leasing software for apartments that allows you to create automated templates, staying in touch with everyone will be one of the easiest, fastest jobs on your plate. Flexible communication tools will enable you to standardize your messaging across all your properties and ensure that every communication sent reflects the professionalism, tone, and experience you want for your tenants.  


Your portal is more than a place for residents to make payments and submit maintenance requests. It’s your community hub. Many property managers miss out on the incredible opportunity of their portal to provide value to residents. During this pandemic, when in-person events are on hold, some enterprising managers are using their portals to unite their community and foster the satisfaction that is so critical to renewals. 

Even as the country phases into our new normal, maximizing the power of the portal can make all the difference in how connected your tenants feel to each other and you.


As you can see, no software is going to provide a personal touch without real humans being visible to your tenants. Each aspect of a GREAT property management platform frees up staff to be available and visible, but it makes them look good. It makes you look good.

Unfortunately, leasing staff and property managers sometimes fail to use all the tools in their property management software toolbox. Better platform utilization ensures that the team can better convey the personal touch, so make sure they get the training they need to learn all that your lease management software can do. Set the expectation that everyone will need to lean on it.

ResMan was built during the Great Recession to equip property managers to stay competitive in challenging times. That tradition lives on today. We’ve continued to adapt and innovate to ensure you have the modern tools you need to meet today’s residents where they’re at.

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