New Capabilities Automatically Update HUD and Tax Credit Income Limits for Each Property 

Plano, TX, April 15, 2021 – ResMan®, a leading property management SaaS platform provider, today announced new capabilities that automatically update income limits for HUD and Tax Credit properties managed through the platform. This new functionality eliminates the risk of data entry errors and provides significant time savings to already stretched affordable property management teams.  

“For too long the time intensive and error prone ritual of keying new income limits into a property management system has been passed over as just another responsibility that comes with managing an affordable housing property,” says Janel Ganim, ResMan’s senior vice president of product. “At ResMan, we are passionate about finding ways to free property teams from the manual and time-intensive activities that take them away from what they want to be focused on – their tenants. Automating the income limit update process is one way that we can give back time to property teams, while also eliminating the risk of a data entry error with data as important as this.” 

These new capabilities don’t just save time for properties that are already on the ResMan platform. Any new properties that are added to the platform can take advantage of these automatic updates, accelerating the onboarding process by not having to locate historical income limits for previous years and eliminating the risk of data entry errors during implementation.  

You can learn more about ResMan Affordable here. ResMan will also be holding a Q2 Affordable Market Update webinar later this quarter to demonstrate these new capabilities.