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Learn everything there is to know about property management with our free downloadable resources. With topics ranging from marketing to policy to employee engagement, these resources are designed to help you master ResMan’s property management software and take better control of your business. Browse our available resources below.

A Property Managers Spring Maintenance Checklist

Summer comes fast and property managers must prepare their properties before the summer busy season. In this free download, get a checklist to get your properties ready.

ResMan Affordable On-demand Guided Tour Webinar

Watch this on demand webinar and in less than 30 minutes, we'll take you through our modern affordable property management platform, built to save you time and reduce errors.

Case Study: RISE Residential

Case Study
See how RISE Residential - a top 5 affordable housing developer - improves every day efficiency using ResMan.

Gen Z Resident: Marketing Checklist

There was a time when millennials were the “it” generation for marketers. That time is over. This checklist will help you concentrate your skills to take your property management company’s marketing to the next level.

Choosing Property Management Accounting Software

How solid is your chart of accounts? Is there room for improvement? In this ebook, you'll find out what you need to do to properly maintain your property management company's financial records.

Fighting On-Site Complacency

Complacency is the enemy of your company’s growth. Use this whitepaper to gauge if you and your employees could use a motivation boost to achieve your portfolio's optimal performance and potential.

Reduce Turnover and Boost Engagement

As a multifamily professional, your success depends on reducing turnover and your ability to retain top talent through employee engagement tactics and strategic leadership.This interactive infographic offers helpful tips, statistics, and key takeaways to help you engage and empower residents and employees.

Choosing a Property Management Software

Does your software make the cut?Choosing property management software is key to business success, in this e-book you will be given essential factors to measure your property management solutions with your business needs.

A Snapshot of Today’s Millennial Resident

This infographic combines insights from Urban Land Institute and Nielsen to highlight the defining behaviors of the millennial generation. From personal finances to major lifestyle trends, these insights illustrate how millennials will continue to disrupt multifamily.

How Millennial Trends are Driving Multifamily Development

Across the millennial generation, several common lifestyle shifts are driving distinct trends in real estate. From unit sizes and common spaces to amenity preferences, this infographic features insights about development trends that resonate with Gen Y.

How Well Do You Know the HUD Policies

Test your team's knowledge with this quick quiz on affordable housing policies and HUD regulations.

Content Planning Calendar

You know there's an emphasis placed on digital content in the industry, but how well are you keeping all your social media accounts straight? Our FREE tool will help

Winterizing your Multifamily Property

Preparing your property for winter weather can be overwhelming. There are a lot of moving parts and factors to consider.Thankfully, our checklist can help you figure out what you need to do and when! Complete the form to get your copy!

Social Media and Today’s Resident

For properties, social media offers a perfect opportunity to meet and engage your residents where they’re already spending time—and that’s online.This infographic looks at trending social media and technology statistics that define the millennial generation.
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