Recover utility costs, save time and money

ResMan Utilities, powered by AMS allows you to fairly and equitably split the monthly water bill amongst residents. The solution uses move-in/move-out data, calculates RUBS or reads submeters, pushes the amount due to each resident ledger for e-billing and even mails residents a paper bill if they choose. Property management companies can also take advantage of Invoice Processing and VUCR (Vacant Unit Cost Recovery) services, which drive further efficiencies and cost savings.

Utility Billing with RUBS or Smart Meters

Make the transition from flat billing to a RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing System) or Wireless Smart Meter system with ResMan Utilities, powered by AMS. When residents are charged based on water use, we all benefit! Residents use less water and property management companies recapture expenses and improve the bottom line.

Automated Invoice Processing

Outsource the analysis and payment of water and other utility bills to the experts who will help streamline processes, identify irregularities, and maximize cost recovery opportunities.

Vacant Unit Cost Recovery (VUCR)

Stop paying for utility expenses that are the responsibility of your residents. VUCR services match charges against move in and move out dates to identify and bill residents for fees incurred while they occupied the unit.


Our conventional property management software includes everything you need to engage residents, operate properties, and grow your business!


Our affordable housing property management software takes the complexity out of compliance for HUD, Tax Credit, and Rural Development properties.


Our marketing suite offers the tools you need to deliver a superior brand experience as you reach, engage, and convert prospects into renters.

Investor Management

Our full-featured investor management solution helps you efficiently and professionally manage all aspects of the deal lifecycle.

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