ResMan creates cost-effective solutions for Weller

With the support of ResMan, John Vranich, President of Weller Management and his team have increased efficiency and maximized profitability.

ResMan improves their product based on industry needs

ResMan’s robust reporting capabilities gave Weller an advantage over their competitors, and Vranich appreciates that ResMan continues to improve the platform based on customer needs and economic trends.

Building a strong partnership

As an early adopter, Vranich feels Weller and ResMan have grown together and formed a valuable partnership. No matter the challenges, ResMan is consistently there to ensure the success of both Weller and their clients.

Enhancing data visibility to elevate NOI

With ResMan’s Boardroom, Vranich feels like he can proactively manage his portfolio and make data-driven decisions to drive NOI. Having flexible reporting capabilities allows his team to easily track and monitor KPIs and further grow Weller.

How ResMan responds to a challenge

Challenges happen in any partnership. When a new release caused challenges within his team, Vranich reached out to ResMan, because he trusted our partnership and knew issues would be solved quickly. “It’s never going to be perfection, he says, “It’s making it more perfect the next time.”